Sunday, September 16, 2012

Squirrels Vs. Chipmunks

This little snuggle fest happened the other day and I thought it was sweet enough to take a picture. These two can be best buds and mortal enemies all at the same time, and that can change at the drop of a hat. I don't understand how we can own 3 bazillion cars and yet they feel this need to fight over the same one all day long. We even have duplicates of quite a few of their favorites (note how they each have a stuffed yellow duck and blue blanket). This little moment was a nice reminder that they aren't always trying to kill each other over a Lightning McQueen. Sometimes they get along. Sometimes they even like each other!

We had a fairly average week this last week, it's almost like we are getting back into a routine, which has been nice for everyone but boring to read about, so I'll just include a few highlights and spare you all the boring details of grocery shopping and floor mopping. :)

The leaves are starting to change here. Not too many, and it's still pretty warm, but I'm getting really excited for fall!There are trees EVERYWHERE here, so there will be a leaf-crunching of epic proportions once all those leaves fall. Ah yeah, that's gonna be awesome!
Aren't they pretty? 

Because there are trees everywhere, that also means there are squirrels everywhere, and the other night, we saw a bunny hop through our yard. It's like living in a Disney movie (at least it would be if there weren't a liquor store down the street from our house. Pretty sure good ol' Walt never penciled any of those into his woodland creature scenes).
So these little tiny squirrels are everywhere. The first few times I saw them we were walking with the boys and I was pointing them out to the boys, "Look guys! There's a squirrel! Or is it a chipmunk? Squirrel? How do you tell the difference?" It occurred to me that I don't know much about vermin and their identifying markings, so I asked Brett, who should know everything about them since he is an Eagle Scout. He told me  that chipmunks got their name because when they chatter it sounds like a "chip, chip, chip" noise, which sounded somewhat credible, especially due to that whole Eagle Scout thing. But then he told me squirrels got their name because they like to say, "squirrel, squirrel, squirrel," and then I knew he was teasing me. We settled on squirrels because these things look nothing like the little fellas from Alvin & the chipmunks. We're scientific like that. :)
We actually made a trek out to a mall with a Northface store so that I could try on various and assorted huge and puffy coats with fur around the hood. My goal in life is to look like Han Solo when he's on that icy planet and cuts open that nasty animal for Luke Skywalker to sleep in. Sure, that scene was gross and is cemented into my brain, but at least they looked warm in their coats. And I want to be that warm, because I have a feeling that come winter, I may as well be living on that ice planet!(Hoth? Is that it's name? I'm way rusty on my Star Wars trivia.) The boys were really bored watching us try on coats (WHAT? Two toddlers bored in a coat store??? Shocking, I KNOW.) They passed the time by hiding in coat racks, so all I could see was their little feet, and then giggling. Good times. :)

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  1. Ah cute! I love the fleeting moments when they love each other.

    You do need a puffy coat with fur. You should also look at American Eagle online maybe. I got one there that I LOVE and have had for two years. I may just buy another color if they still have them because I love it THAT much.

    Also, that is a squirrel. But black, like the ones in Mexico--I thought that was interesting because I've only seen brown ones. Anyway, chipmunk are much smaller and have stripes down their back. :)

    PS If you had moved to Montana, it really IS like Disney movies. With squirrels and rabbits and deer everywhere. And I'm always holding out a finger for birds to land on. Because they sing cute little tunes. But seriously, it's just too bad you don't live here. No bar down the street from my house. They're a little further away.