Sunday, September 9, 2012

Things I Make

First off, I make some really, and I mean REALLY cute kids. :) Yeah, yeah, I know it wasn't all me, "it takes two" blah blah blah, but this goes with my title, so just roll with me here for a minute. I think my kiddos are exponentially cooler than any craft or art that I've tried to make. Usually my attempts at craftiness blow up in my face and leave me huddled, rocking in a corner somewhere, but these two little monkeys? Well, they're pretty awesome in every way. We celebrated Jason's birthday this last weekend. I can't believe how quickly time goes by with kids. People always say that, but I don't think that you truly appreciate it until you experience it with your own kids. It really does seem like yesterday that I brought him home from the hospital, with all his crazy amounts of hair and tiny chicken legs. A-STINKING-DORABLE. But I digress...

I usually try and make a semi-cool cake for my kids' birthday parties, something they can be excited about and centered around whatever they are really in to at the time. The problem is, Jason is sort of bouncing around between interests at the moment, add a move into that and you end up with me Googling pics of birthday cakes with Jason on my lap going, "How about airplanes? Pirates? Soccer? SAND? Thoughts???" He didn't care too much, wanted all of them. So I decided to go with airplanes...
It's an airport, at least it's trying to be.

(P.S. I don't know why it changed colors up there, I'm new to blogging, humor me :)

 I figured, he's been playing with planes a lot these days, we just flew here, let's make an airport! We made the cakes the night before and I ended up frantically frosting in the morning once I realized we only had an hour to put the cake together, shower and get pizzas to meet some friends at the park. Once I got it all assembled, I realized the scale was WAY off, making the plane almost the same size as the airport, so that's either a GIANT plane or a really tiny airport. Also, that airport frosting was about 15 shades of ugly before it finally ended up being brown. Brett was teasing me and trying to ease my stress by joking about how maybe this cake could be featured on Cake Wrecks, cause he knows I really like that blog.(Oh honey, SO the wrong thing to say.) We took the cake to the park, got some pizzas, and met some ward friends who have kiddos around our boys' ages and just played. Brett's been wanting to do the park birthday for nearly every one of our boys' birthdays, but I've never wanted to, thinking bringing everything there would be too much of a pain. It actually was fine, the kids had a GREAT time playing, and we just sat and enjoyed the nice weather. I was totally wrong! It wasn't a pain at all, we really should have done it years ago!
Making our friend's poor little girl do all the work...

Earlier we had Skyped with grandparents while opening presents. These kids get way too many presents. We actually bought him a couple more little things, wrapped them, and once I saw the mountain on the table, we put them away for Christmas! :)

See that tiny duck? Jason loves ducks. Not real ones, just the stuffed, fluffy variety. I don't know why, but he does! He's carried that tiny duck (named "Duckling") around since he got it. The problem with loving tiny stuffed animals is he loses them in the middle of the night and then I have to go find them, half asleep, usually by angling myself in unnatural positions to reach under his bed. But he loves the tiny little thing, and I love him, so we'll go with it.
So, I want to say a little about this kid, if only so that I can remember later, feel free to skip ahead :)
Jason loves, and I mean LOVES, to dig in the sand. He could dig all day long. He used to be really skiddish around the water, but now he runs right into the lake and begs to go swimming. He waits as long as possible between haircuts. He loves chicken nuggets, but won't eat chicken. I don't know why that is, craziness. He refuses to look at the camera lately, so getting a good picture out of him is quite tricky. He loves sports, water fountains, pennies and books. I'm so glad this little guy is in our family!

So, speaking of family, my sister-in-law is pregnant and due sometime this month, so I wanted to try and be crafty and make her baby a quilt. She's having a girl, so it was different to look at patterns with pink and purple instead of the blue and green combos I'm used to seeing with my little guys! I have to say, there are A LOT more options when making things for little girls! Anyway, I stumbled upon something on Pinterest that I wanted to try and do my own version of, and this is how it turned out:

Pretty cute, eh? I think it turned out pretty well. I think my sis will like it. Which she should cause it was a pain in the butt fun and challenging quilt to make :) Now I just hope it ships to her before little baby girl makes her debut!


  1. Love it. Love the cake, love the boy and his duck and digging and love of chicken nuggets (which is practically not chicken, probably why he likes nuggets and not actual healthy, unprocessed chicken) and love the quilt. Good work! Maybe I'll have another baby so you can make me a quilt. AAAH HAHAHAHAHA. Not really. But it is a cute quilt.

  2. Oh my gosh! Jason is 4!! He was so ready to be 4. Man alive I miss you guys. I am so glad you have friends to go have a birthday party with. oh and I love the "tiny" airport. I always wondered where those toy planes landed and let their passengers off ;)

  3. Hey Kevin says your color changed font up there is actually a link to your picture. Click it and find out. Blogging can be so weird sometimes.

  4. I'm reading your blog, see! I love the cake and I adore the blanket. You are one crafty lady (don't deny it)!