Sunday, September 23, 2012

Things in Boxes

I have this problem. I don't like to spend money. If I spend it, than I don't have it (logic, bam!) and if I don't have it, what if I need it? What if we need to fix something? What if we run out of food? What if there's suddenly a pair of really cute shoes on sale? Bottom line, I'm a saver. I'd love to swim in big pile of my money like Scrooge McDuck. Brett is a spender, not in a bad way at all, but more of a spender than I am, so he gets the spender title in the relationship. So one day a few years ago, I was at my friend Cyndie's house and watched her make dinner in about ten minutes using her food processor (it was a pizza, by the way, and she probably doesn't remember this life-changing moment :) and I came home and told Brett all about how fast it was and how cool it was, etc. So I looked them up and was a little shocked to see how pricey those bad boys were. I thought maybe I'd ask for it for Christmas. Or maybe Mother's Day. And so we began a several year game of "I want it, let's go shopping for them, no, don't buy it for me, they're just too expensive, but know that I still want it." Poor Brett, it's a wonder he still buys me presents at all...
Fast forward, Brett starts a job with Whirlpool and my food processor coveting begins again, cause Hey! Sweet discount! I was thinking I'd ask for it for Christmas this year. Or maybe a birthday present...that could arrive several months before my birthday...
Brett went to a training on Friday and told me he had a surprise for me when he got home, evidently they were handing out all kinds of swag at this training. So I was expecting a spatula, which was exactly what he gave me, and I was rather excited about it too! (I only have one spatula I like, and it's always dirty when I need it. I call it Murphy's spatula.) Then he told me he brought me something else home and it was in the truck. I went outside and what did I see?
Isn't it beautiful??? *sigh

Evidently, he won it in a raffle! Awesome, right? Now I just need to figure out how to make pizza with it. And potato chips. And pie crusts. And just imagine the slicing possibilities! I guess you could say I'm pretty excited about it. Perhaps good things DO come to those who wait! 
Anywho, here's a few updates for those who aren't really interested in my unhealthy attachments to kitchen appliances (I don't care what people say, if loving it is wrong, I don't wanna be right!) 

 Lately my boys spend a lot of time in this box. Yes, you read that right, no, you don't need to call CPS, they like it! There's a reason why Dad's are more fun than Mom's. I saw this box and thought, "We need to get that outta here." Brett saw this box and thought, "PERFECT FORT-MAKING BOX!" He sawed some little peepholes in it for the kids to peek out of and voila! Fort. Occasionally I'll walk past it on my way into the kitchen and hear it giggle. Hours of entertainment...from a box.
They color on it, play hide and seek in it, play with their toys in it, who knows what else...(sidenote-see all those little white dots? Those are actually the little fuzzy things you put on the bottom of chair legs to keep them from scratching wood floors, they came in sticker form. My big mistake was leaving them on the table for 30 seconds while I went to use the bathroom. When I came out, my kiddos had "decorated" their box. Mom's aren't allowed bathroom breaks, I suppose.)
He thinks it's HILARIOUS when I find him hiding in there :)

I tried to get a picture of both the kids in there, but they wouldn't cooperate. Plus if they're playing nicely, I try not to draw attention to it, cause then they start fighting, and fights are harder to break up when they're in a box...
Usually they play peek a boo through those little holes, which is cute, until Jason stands on the bottom flap there, trapping Brandon inside. Ah the joys of motherhood. :)

 I can't end without posting something about Jason. This is him being a moose. :) Sometimes he'll put it on the box and make the box a moose. It's pretty darn cute.


  1. Ok, I'm thinking you should maybe write a book. Because I just think you are SOOOO funny. Or at least post more, so I can enjoy the laughing out loud that goes on when I read your posts. Seriously.So.Funny. :)

  2. come I didn't know you had a blog? I found you on Kim's.

  3. he is a super cute moose! And I looove your beautiful food processors - I have food processor envy going on :)