Sunday, September 2, 2012

We made it!

Well, we made it alive and well to Michigan! It was a (thankfully) uneventful flight, the first for both of the boys. I was really worried that they'd freak out about the loud engine noises, but they were totally fine. The waiting in lines to actually get onto the plane was what they hated. I blame TSA, who insisted on running all my bags through 3 times. Seriously? Was that REALLY necessary? Anyway, I didn't know until we were on the plane that I had inadvertently booked us first class tickets. The boys were mostly excited to be on a real airplane.  I thought the first class seats were awesome! Totally something I could get used to, if for no other reason than they brought me cantaloupe and I ADORE cantaloupe. The hot towels I could do without. What am I supposed to do with that? Thanks, I'll wipe my hands off with this and hand it right back. Weird. Brett enjoyed the leg room, meaning that he actually HAD leg room. The poor man usually has to fly sitting with his knees up to his chin. It takes quite a bit of skill, really. The boys were really good on the plane, (probably because of the ample leg room!) and Jason was happy to tell everyone when we landed that he had a giant booger in his nose. :)

Once we got here, our rental house wasn't ready so we had to spend a couple days in a hotel (which, according to my eldest is pronounced "ho-TAil," and it must be said with a Southern accent). Let me tell you, spending several days cramped in a room with two energetic toddlers is...rough, to say the least. We spent a lot of time in the hotel pool and watching TV, since we were waiting for our cars that were shipped out to arrive here and Brett was taking our rental car to work. We actually got our cars here a few days earlier than expected, which was GREAT news! It was also the only great piece of news I would have for awhile, so I probably should have enjoyed it more. Our movers called and said they would be at our rental house at 8 A.M. So we rushed in the morning to get the kids breakfast, get packed up and checked out so we could make it over to meet the movers. We waited around until about 8:30, eventually called the movers who said they weren't actually coming until the next day. We were a bit  REALLY annoyed. I called the hotel and got us checked back in, packed the kids back up, who were MAD we were going back to the tiny room where they were essentially being held prisoner.
The day we moved in was tricky, the boys were excited to see some of their toys again, but it was tricky trying to keep them from being run over by the movers. I was a little concerned that the water was cold, but our landlord said the water heater worked really well, so we should run the dishwasher to get it going. Did that, ate lunch, came back, still no hot water, but I was preoccupied trying to tell the movers where to put everything, who were so nice to point out numerous times that this house is much smaller than our last one, which, according to them, was filled with spiders.

Happily re-united with their toys
Fast forward several days, several calls to landlord (who called his dad, who called a plumber, etc) and we find out that although we had the gas put into our name and an account number, they neglected to actually send someone out and turn the gas on. So after a heated phone call, we learned we would just have cold water for 5 more days, because according to the oh-so-helpful customer service lady, "Look, it's the summer, it's not like your pipes will freeze." Cause freezing pipes are what we're concerned about. We boiled water on top of the stove to give the kids baths, and me too, cause I am a wuss and refuse to take cold showers.  I should have expected it, really. Brett and I have moved 5 times during the course of our marriage, and we've only had hot water upon arrival in 2 of those places.
Wow, that was a lot of complaining. Thanks for hanging in there. We now have hot water, which I ADORE, oh my heavens it's so FREAKING AWESOME to not heat water on the stove in order to bathe! We've got most everything unpacked, although I still don't know where a lot of our stuff actually is, it's nice to not have 8 gazillion boxes all over.
Still, there are a few perks to living here. Like this:
 And this:

We miss our family and friends like crazy, but we are thankful for things that keep us connected like Skype and blogs. I daresay we are most thankful for hot showers in the mornings though :)


  1. Glad you got everything all worked out. No fun living in a hotel and even worse to not have hot water!!!!! I missed seeing you off but will miss you. Keep in touch...thank goodness for facebook and blogs eh? (-:

  2. Wow that sounds like a not so fun adventure, but at least there were good things to out way the bad!!! Glad you have hot water, more room, & Toys!!!

  3. It looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL too!! & I kinda envy your "beach" so close!!

  4. Hi! You don't know me. Your husband might remember my husband (Matt Munyan) from working at the state tax commision. Anyway, Matt told me that I needed to read your blog. It's a little freaky to me to see how similar we are in personality and experiences. I felt like I was reliving my own life. It's always good to know that the feelings that I am having aren't crazy. Thanks for validating me.