Sunday, October 14, 2012

Apple Picking

It rains a lot here. Well, scratch that last comment, it rains more here than it does in Utah, which isn't really that hard to do. You know, since it's a desert and all...anyway, the point is, it's been raining, and the boys were starting to get cabin fever. When it's warm, I can always just take them outside and go to the park, the beach, go for a walk, something different than the four walls they've seen all day long. Now that it's starting to get cooler though, I've discovered the drawback of living in a tourist location during off season- there is not much to do. Enter the kid's museum!
I've seen flyers for it, and heard good things, but I wanted to enjoy our outdoor time while we could still go outside. So this last week, I determined it was cold enough. (Bah ha ha! That's not true, I was just tired of having small children complain about how there was "nooooothiiing to DO, Mom!") I asked the kids if they wanted to go check out the kid's museum, and got a joyful, "YEAH! That'd be GREAT!" (That's more like it, children, more excitement, less complaining.)
We got there, and I cursed the people who put the gift shop toys within reach of the children. Then we went to explore. They had this little room that was designed especially for very young kids, lots of little slides, bouncy cushions, little playhouses, and a pond. Yes, that's right, an indoor pond. My kids love water, so as soon as they could hear the trickling water, they wanted to go play, which was fine, until they started splashing the other children, who were much more well-behaved, I might add. There were tons of rubber duckies in this little pond, so naturally Jason took a few of them out and started bouncing them on the other kids' heads. Because, why not? I bet people in other, more exotic countries pay good money to have wet ducks splashed on their heads. Culture, now the well-behaved children have some. Really though, the other moms were starting to look annoyed in spite of my apologies, so I tried to take Jason to the face painting table. The kids got distracted by a firetruck that they wanted to sit in, so I was just hanging out in the tiny chairs and then looked down at the table, and noticed something funny and slightly disturbing...

OK, I understand that this is a children's museum, and that those are table legs, but did we really need to incorporate children's legs into the tables at the museum? I was tempted to tell Jason that those were the legs of children who were caught putting wet duckies onto other children's heads, but I didn't :)

They sat in the firetruck for awhile and drove and put out all kinds of imaginary fires:

We saw a big volcano slide:
I tried to get a picture of the kids going down the slides, but the kids were pretty afraid of this thing for awhile, since it "erupted" every minute and a half or so, meaning they would be playing and it would make really loud booming noise and fans would start. They eventually conquered their fear of the randomly loud slide though and went down it a few times.
What they were really excited about was this little station they had set up about animals where they could pretend to be veterinarians:

They also had a little tub and brushes like a groomer would use, and Jason especially loved that. He kept grabbing stuffed animals and giving them a "bath" until this tub was totally full! 

I told him that he should take a few stuffed animals out, cause they were going to start fighting with so many of them crammed in there. He said, very matter-of-factly, "No, Mom! They won't fight! They will just LAUGH and SING!" They will have a nice day in the tub." That cracked me up,silly fella. :) 
Brandon had a good time grooming the animals as well, but he preferred to brush them:

After the animals, we went to an "apple orchard." I thought it was really cool, they had these fake trees with red balls that were the apples that the kids could "pick" and put in a wheelbarrow.

After the wheelbarrow, they dump the apples into the hopper to be sorted:

They had so much fun picking the apples, that I thought it would be fun to go to a u-pick farm that I'm always seeing ads for, and do the real thing with real apples. I called up a friend who has girls around the same age as my boys and she said she'd like to come too. I love when I get these ideas. I have these visions in my head of the kids picking apples and having fun and learning that apples grow on trees, etc. Well, not quite how it turned out. Brandon cried a lot, Jason asked every two minutes when we were going home, and there was eating-apples-off-the-ground-and-then-putting-them-in-the-basket-with-a-bite-taken-out-of-them fun for all the children! :) Good times. I'd still do it again though, we have a TON of apples now. I see apple pie in the near future (for Brett, I don't really like it.) And apple crisp. And applesauce. Maybe I'll be daring and try making an apple tart...
Anyway, here's the actual apple picking:
At first it was really cold, so I bundled them up.

Then it got warmer, so we ditched the coats.
Don't they look like they're having fun? They told Brett they had lots of fun picking all the apples, but as Jason was walking by while I typed this, he stopped and said, "Hey look! That's a picture of me when I wanted to go home!" 

Yesterday we thought it would be fun to make the trip over to Chicago and walk around the temple there. It started raining as soon as we parked, but the kids were excited to see the temple and didn't mind the rain.
They wanted SOO badly to throw leaves and pennies into this fountain.
Pretty, isn't it?

Brandon was having more fun than he appears to be. :)
On our way home we saw a sign for something that made Brett very excited:

Yes, that's right, Wrigley Field. We drove by it, took a picture out the window, but it was a bad one, so we had to circle the block and take another one :) On our circling back, I saw a restaurant that I've been wanting to go to ever since I knew we would be moving to a place within driveable distance to Chicago- Lucky's. It was featured on the show Man vs. Food, and holy cow, they look like they have some amazing meaty sandwiches. We didn't have time to stop this trip around, but sometime we will go back and eat there. 

Chicago looks like an amazing place to visit. It's HUGE. I've never seen anything like it! I really want to take a weekend in the spring and go sight seeing around to all the different landmarks. And eat yummy sandwiches. And PIZZA! That will have to wait until it's a bit warmer though, so for now, we will just drive by and observe from our warm car :) 
That building in the middle there is the Sears Tower, and the smaller one in the very front is the Drake Hotel. (You know, the same hotel that the Bible was stolen from in the first Mission Impossible. Don't ask why I remember that, my head is just full of useless details like that.) 

That's about all our adventures of this week. I'm not entirely sure what we will be doing this week, but you can bet I'll take some pictures and tell you all about it in a week! :) Happy Sunday!

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  1. I have a recipe for grated apple pie--because I don't like actual apple pie.