Saturday, October 6, 2012

Birthdays and Pinterest fail

This past week my baby boy turned 2. I can't believe how big he's getting, or frankly, how blonde his hair is! Look at it! I don't know where it came from, but it's adorable. He is such a silly and happy little kid who gargles his water at every meal. It's so weird to think that when Jason was having his 2nd birthday, I was 8 months pregnant with Brandon. Crazy!
We like to blow up balloons the night before the boys' birthdays, so they can get excited when they wake up. It's always fun to see them in the morning with their balloons, they know it's a special day and they usually spend a lot of time kicking balloons around and throwing them up in the air, leaving me a morning free of fighting and bickering. Everybody wins! :)

We've been having lots of pickiness at the dinner table lately, and I hate it. It's tiresome to spend time and effort making meals just to hear how gross it is and watch your kids literally gag on it. So for Brandon's birthday, I gave myself a day off from the meal-fight and decided I'd only make things that both the kids like all day so I wouldn't have to hear about how much they hate my cooking. First thing on the menu: pancakes! I thought I'd attempt being a "fun mom" and make them with sprinkles inside, a la funfetti cake mix. So I made batter and went for the mulit-color ones like funfetti...but I do have these Halloween-colored ones, those will be festive AND fun! This, my friends, is why my attempts at doing something fun backfire (curse you Pinterest!), to the point of where I've given up on being fun and I'm pretty sure I will live out my life as a stick in the mud. I made the pancakes, sprinkled in the sprinkles, and anxiously awaited my fun pancakes, certain my kids would think they were awesome and sing me praises all morning.

Happy Birthday, here's some mold!

Mmm...don't they look YUMMY??? :) I abandoned my fun pancakes and just made the rest sprinkle-free, cause seriously, those things look nasty. My kids actually ate them, furthering my theory that they lay awake at night and think of new food phobias to spring on me at random. "Tomorrow I will eat vile-looking pancakes, but the next time she tries to give me pizza with pineapple on it, you can bet fits will be thrown!"

Brett brought home some chicken nuggets and fries for lunch and we opened the presents my mom sent in a package. The kids were SO excited to open up their own package, they are still excited to get mail (most likely because they never get bills:). They got some slinkys, helicopters, cars, and a package of Oreos, because the last time Jason asked my Mom about when she was coming to visit, he asked if she could bring her food with her, and some Oreos too :) You'd think I never feed them, but I guess everything just tastes better at Grandma's house. 
My mother is a wise woman, can I just say that? I used to help her assemble packages for other grandchildren's birthdays, and then criticize how she had to send something for EVERY kid in the family, not just the birthday kid. I would say, "Mom, it's not THEIR birthday, they'll just have to get over it and wait for their own birthday to get a package!" Thank you, Mom, for not listening to me. Jason was SO excited to have his own little something to open. I will now put my foot in my mouth and stop questioning you. (Only 15 years too late! Sorry about the time delay.)

 We also got a package from Brett's parents, who are also wise and wonderful and sent a little something for Jason. They sent a little Wii remote for both boys that dispenses candy and they were SO excited to open them. (Not that you can tell by the pictures, as soon as I get out the camera they stop looking at me, just trust me, there was lots of jubilant screams!)
He's saying, "OPEN IT MOOOOMMMM!"

 Brandon also got this read-along stuffed animal that says things when you say a certain phrase in the book that comes with the animal. His name is Bigsby, and Brandon was about to poke him in the eye when I took that picture up there. Then he laughed. After I took the picture, of course, go figure. :) I think, in spite of the initial eye-poking, they'll be good friends. 

 I had the boys take naps, and went to work on Brandon's cake, which was monster truck themed. The fella loves monster trucks, and likes to give me his deepest, scariest voice while holding a truck right up to my face and say, "IT'S A MIGHTY, MEGA MONSTER TRUCK!" Then he crawls around on the floor with a truck in each hand and makes the car noise that I think comes along with the Y chromosome. 
I think it turned out pretty cute, and I was proud of my graham cracker ramp. The birthday boy was excited about it, and that's what really counts. 

See? A truck in each hand!
After a pizza and breadsticks dinner, we Skyped with grandparents and sang Happy Birthday. Jason could not contain his excitement for cake any longer and blew out the candle, which was fine, Brandon was a little apprehensive about the whole fire thing anyway. :) We took the cars off the cake and I went to get the ice cream out of the freezer, I came back  to see this little mischievous smile...which is always worrisome...
Guess what I did, MOM!

He decided I was taking WAAAY too long to get him his frosting fix, I guess. I asked him why he had frosting on his face, and he laughed and pointed at the cake...

Big Ol' tongue mark. :)

HE LICKED THE CAKE! It was one of those, "Really? I was gone for 2 seconds!" kinds of moments. I never thought I'd  use the phrase, "We eat cake, we do NOT lick a giant section of it when Mom goes to get ice cream." Good times. :) 

I just want to mention a few things that I don't want to forget about when he's older and embarrassed by me. This little guy is so sweet. Brandon is very outgoing, and not afraid of anything (well, except his birthday candle up there.) I think that he looks more like me, but with Brett's personality, whereas Jason looks like Brett with more my personality. Brandon loves to run, play with his cars and trucks, and color. I'm pretty sure he will be left-handed because he does everything with his left hand and kicks with his left foot. He wakes up every morning and shows me two stuffed dogs, one big, one small, squints up his eyes and says, "AWWW, cute doggies!" Except he's two and trying to use a baby voice, so it sounds more like, "AW, tute!" He hates footie pajamas.  He's athletic (does NOT get that from me), but manages to hurt himself more than most people (DOES get that from me). I think he will be our child that we take to the ER somewhat often. He likes to dance and will get mad at me from the backseat if we're driving and I change the station from a song he likes. I love this little man! I'm so glad he's in our family. 


  1. Boo, I had a comment all typed out and something happened :( So glad Brandon is in your family, too! And so glad that he had a birthday so you could blog about it and make me laugh. All about me :)

  2. Your post is so funny!!! It's the typical Amanda voice talking & I miss it!!! I'm glad Brandon had a fabulous 2nd birthday despite the Pinterest fail & the candles being too scary!! I also LOVE the cake licking episode --- epic!!!

  3. Such a cute cake! What culinary skills!