Sunday, October 21, 2012


 I think this blog post will be short. This last week was stressful, to say the least. My dear, sweet Mom ended up needing unscheduled heart surgery, so I haven't been thinking about much else. I was so distracted that I COMPLETELY forgot about a visiting teaching appointment that my partner set up, until she called me  to ask why I was 15 minutes late. New partner, new appointment, new ward, no show to first appointment. Great. Alas, I went right back to worrying about my Mom and decided I'd hold my guilt off for another day.
Anyway, onto what we did today, which is something I actually took pictures of...

My bunny puppet is on the left, Brett's cat is on the right
It's official. Brett is definitely the "fun" parent. Today we were driving home from church and deciding what to do with the rest of our afternoon and what to have for dinner. Brett said, "Hey, I have an idea of something fun we could do after dinner!"  And I said, "Take a look at the budget?!?" Seriously.
In my defense, we had just been talking about our plan to pay off student loans and when his next payday was. Still, how sad am I that I equate budgeting with fun? Me, the NON-accountant in our marriage. Sigh, I'm depressed just thinking about it.

Well, Brett (the ACTUAL accountant) did not want to review our budget for fun, he wanted to make paper bag puppets with the boys. We got out some little craft paper and crayons, and big shocker, the boys LOVED it! Something tells me they would not have had as much fun doing a budget, but what do I know, evidently I think budgets are fun...

Jason wanted his puppet to be a hippo, one that eats all the crayons, so that's what we did:

Brandon spent the evening running around in just his diaper, so this is the only picture I can post of him:

Come to think of it, that's not even really a picture of's just a picture with him in it...covering his face with a piece of bread...

Anyway. Jason decided after awhile that he'd rather bring up his diggers and pretend the crayons were pipes. He doesn't really like coloring, he plays with the crayons way more than he actually colors with them. It's fun to watch what he comes up with though, those crayons have been pipes, rocket ships, building blocks and dominoes.

This picture I just like because they are growling. Such a fierce kitty!  :)

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