Wednesday, November 7, 2012


(I know, I know, Halloween was like 2 weeks ago, I'm a bit behind on my blogging. Let's move on and look at the cute pictures...)
For Halloween this year, Brett had the idea to dress the kids up as Mario and Luigi. Sometimes I like to pretend I have twins and make the boys wear matching outfits, so I readily went along with the idea and said I'd make their costumes since they didn't look too hard. See, I have this wonderfully crafty sister in law who helped me make lobster costumes for both the boys last year, and being around her and crafting with her always makes me a bit delusional...I start thinking that I too am crafty and creative, when really, I should stick to patterns. :)
 I'm actually quite excited about how their costumes turned out, they're super cute and I got lots of compliments on them, but what isn't pictured are the hours I spent staring at blue felt and a pair of Brandon's overalls trying to figure out how to make a pattern without taking apart his new overalls. Also not pictured are my first attempt at hats, and the extra trip to the fabric store to buy new felt from an individual that I'm fairly certain was going to have a sex-change operation later that week, at least that's what I gathered from the lengthy conversation they were having with the customer in front of me.
But I digress...the point is that when it comes to making things, I grossly overestimate my sewing skills! I ended up buying a pair of overalls at Goodwill so I could tear them apart and use them for a pattern. I also called Brett near tears because their hats weren't working out as planned and I thought for sure we would take the kids trick or treating, and someone would whisper how sad it is that my kids look so stupid (I become a little crazy dramatic when I'm sewing, another reason I shouldn't do it). Then I remembered I had the internet....and Mario & Luigi have been around for years...surely someone has instructions for their costumes! I called up my good friend Google, and  found a tutorial for how to make super-easy little hats. Off to the fabric store I went (again) to buy some fabric for costumes (again)! I made the hats in about half an hour, seriously, SO EASY. I had a bunch of fleece left over, so I also made their little shirts. It's a RARE occasion when I try to make something and it works out on the first try, and I was downright giddy once these were done and they actually looked cute!
Our city has a little downtown area that was hosting a trick or treat where you could go from store to store and the owners would pass out candy, so we took the kids in the stroller since it would be lots of walking:
For the record, Jason was adamant that he wanted to be Luigi. I figured he would want to be Mario because he's the oldest, and isn't the oldest the one who gets to be Mario while the little brother has to be Luigi? But no, he insisted. It's fine, Luigi is taller and more slender than Mario anyway, so it worked out nicely :)


  1. Oh my gosh those are ADOREABLE!!! Good Job ... I am totally impressed with your sewing skills! Your boys look darling!!!!

  2. Seriously...what did we do before the internet was invented?