Sunday, November 18, 2012


Have you ever heard of Insanity? It's a work out program from the same people who brought you infomercial workouts like P90X and TurboFire. It was getting too cold to take the kids running outside, and I was bored to death of my other workouts, so I thought I'd try out Insanity. My sister does it and she is super tough, and since I've been wanting to be just like her since I was 5, it only makes sense that I'd copy her workouts as well :) Anyway, I've been doing Insanity for the last 6 weeks. I don't say this to brag, and I actually don't like telling people this because I think that they expect me to look like the people on the videos, which I do NOT. I DO have some pretty awesome muscles, they're just camouflaged under a nice, cushy layer of adipose tissue...
On Saturday, I decided to sleep in instead of getting up before the kids to exercise. I try not to do this because the boys spend half my workout asking me for stuff and it takes me twice as long BUT on Saturday I really, really wanted that extra hour and a half of sleep. I let the kids watch a show on the iPad, and about halfway through I noticed Jason and Brandon trying to workout too.
I think he's doing switckicks here.

This was his favorite, the "jump straight up a bunch of times" move.
Brandon's not actually in the pictures, every time I tried to take a picture of him he would stop and run over to look at the back of the camera. He also did some of the yoga-like stretches with me, and I was impressed with his flexibility :) 
Someday if I start resembling those people on the videos I'll post my before and after pics.  HA! Who am I kidding? Yeah...not even then!:)

This week wasn't terribly exciting. I bought stuff to make our Thanksgiving dinner since we aren't going anywhere, we now have a 10.5 pound turkey that I'm hoping I won't screw up. Or drop. Or dry out like that sad dehydrated turkey on National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.
We drove to South Bend yesterday and ran into a bunch of traffic from a Notre Dame game going on. While stuck in traffic, we saw the Goodyear blimp:

It wasn't that exciting, but Brett says it's a big deal? Okaaaay, if you say so...Brandon wasn't impressed.

Today we had Stake Conference, which was in an auditorium about an hour and a half away. The boys were good on the drive there, but they REALLY didn't like just sitting there during the meeting. Brett spent most of the time out in the hall with Brandon, while I sat in the meeting listening to Jason whine about how bored he was. I was begging my kids to just hang in there during the closing song, and really looking forward to grabbing all our stuff and BOLTING out of there as soon as the prayer was over. Then I did something stupid. Very stupid. One of those things where I thought, "This is a bad idea..." and then did it anyway....
The prayer ended up being one of those extra long ones, and Brandon was crying rather loudly by this point, so I took off my wedding ring and put it on his finger. I do this on rare occasions during church when they're bored with all their other toys, and always watch them like a hawk when they have it. It's always turned out fine. So I gave him my ring and he stopped crying immediately. Brett took my ring off Brandon's finger, and gave Brandon his ring instead. Brandon was being really good, and then I hear the "ting ting ting" noise of Brandon dropping Brett's ring then rolling away. Since we were in an auditorium with slanted floors I had no idea how many aisles of seats it was going to roll under. 
I felt awful that I may have just lost my husband's wedding ring, so I told Brett to just sit with the kids and I'd go look under all the seats and try and find it.
I looked for about 10 minutes or so, which was hard since people were trying to leave and just standing in the aisles chatting. A couple teenage girls saw me looking and mentioned they'd seen it so they stayed to look with me, which I thought was very kind of them. Eventually I had another one of those thoughts, but decided not to ignore it this time. "Um, hello? Did you not just have a nice meeting on the power of prayer? Why don't you pray about it?" So I did. And then I got down on the floor to check under the chairs one more time before moving up an aisle, and there it was. There you have it people, prayer works. :) I'm SO glad we found his ring! 

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  1. Ah, THANK YOU!! You don't know how good that makes me feel. You're the greatest. For.Real.

    Also, prayer definitely works!! That's so great you found it. I've had so many experiences in my life where I've looked for something for a long time, then prayed about it and find it right after that.