Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy Birthday to Brett! (Sort of)

    My Hubbster is a great man. Seriously, the guy is awesome. He doesn't ever complain, he's always cheerful, he comes home from long days at work and gets right to helping with the dinner or wrestling the kids so I can cook without them attached to my calves.
    In addition to all that, he's an above-average gift-giver. Usually months before my birthday, he will write down when I mention in passing that I like something or think some article of clothing is cute, then he'll go buy it for me when it's my birthday. One year he called all nine, yes NINE of my siblings to ask them about some memory they had of me as a child, and wrote them all down and had his mom and sister scrapbook it. Freaking. Amazing.
      Sadly, gift-giving is not one of my many, ok one of my three, talents. Brett doesn't ever want anything either, and usually what he does want I can't get him. I know he wants a boat, but those are impossible to wrap, so I haven't gotten him one of those yet...
This year, I really wanted to give him an Arsenal jersey, he's wanted one of those for years, so I thought it'd make a nice gift. I ordered it online and also got him a CD, cause just one present is kinda boring to open for one's birthday.
Well, Thanksgiving came and went, and his presents still hadn't arrived yet, so I cursed UPS a little, but continued to hope they'd arrive before or at least ON his birthday so I'd have time to wrap them before he got home from work. I had to go buy all the ingredients to make his German Chocolate cake the morning of his birthday, it was the one thing he'd requested since we never eat it. (Why? Because I don't like coconut, so I never make it.) I came home expecting to see at least his CD in the mailbox, and what did I see? Just junk mail. No presents. My sweet hubby had no presents on his birthday. I felt awful, but kept hoping that since they were UPS presents they could still come at any time, so I decided to focus on his cake.
I made it precisely according to the recipe, and I wasn't really worried because I made the same cake a few years ago and it wasn't hard, looked just like the picture when it was done. This time, it did NOT.

The stupid cake just fell apart when I tried to get it out of the pan. I've decided I can't bake in Michigan. I've always been able to cook, things don't turn out perfect but they're edible. Since moving here, I can no longer make Caramel popcorn, buttermilk breakfast syrup, and now I'll add this cake to the list. I don't know what's going on. 
So here we are, the evening of Brett's birthday, he has no presents, and now no cake. I arranged for a babysitter so we could go to dinner, and it was getting close to kid-dropoff time, so I ran to the store thinking I'd buy a cake mix  and whip that up. When I got there, I realized I'd never have time to make all that before we had to leave, so I'd just buy him a (nasty) store-bought German chocolate cake. And hey look, they have exactly one left! I pulled it out, and realized it must be in an extra-cold section of the fridge, cause parts of it were frozen. Of course it was. I asked the lady at the bakery if they had any fresher ones. She checked and said they didn't. Of course they didn't. So I bought the stupid partially frozen cake, determined to give my husband at least ONE thing he'd asked for on his birthday. I came home and Jason asked if he could have some, and Brett told him we would eat the cake later with ice cream. (*Facepalm in the kitchen, I FORGOT TO BUY ICE CREAM!) 
Here's his cake:

And here's his presents:

It was chalking up to be a fantastic day for my hubby. The plan was to go to dinner and then go bowling. We dropped the kids off, excited that we could have some time to ourselves and went to a local place we'd tried this summer and thought was good. We arrived there nice and hungry, and discovered that it's only open a few days a week during the winter, and Brett's birthday wasn't one of them. Of course it wasn't. 
So we went somewhere else, that ended up being pretty good, and I just told him what his presents were, that way he'd be excitedly waiting for them to arrive. Or something. 
We went to the bowling alley, and it was PACKED. I guess there's some $1/lane special so the wait was close to an hour and a half, and we didn't have time for that, so we decided to try ice skating, we'd seen that the rink was open earlier that day. We went over there, and there was a hockey game going on. Of course there was. We were now out of options of things to do in the winter of our tiny town, so we just went and picked up the kids, swung by the store to get ice cream, and went home. 
I felt AWFUL. SO SO bad. I was just waiting to see what else could go wrong, and somewhat expecting a finger or something to be in the cake. 
His parents and siblings called when we were on the quest for entertainment and when they asked how his birthday was and what he got, he didn't even mention how he had no presents, just told them what I'd gotten him. He said I made him a cake, and left out the part where it was in total ruins on the counter. 
Like I said, my hubby is awesome. 
He did get to blow out candles:

His presents did finally arrive, though it was DAYS later than they were supposed to. And he's spent a lot of time wearing his Arsenal jersey, so I think he kinda likes it. :) I bought the ingredients to make him another German chocolate cake, this one at least came out of the pan, but they were still pancake thin. We ate it anyway. Sometimes it really is the thought that counts, because even though pretty much everything went wrong, I did try. (I also tried to put the Yoda phrase "Do or do not, there is no try," out of my mind. Shut up, Yoda. Now's not the time for your quirky insight!)
Happy Birthday, Babe. Sort of. :) 
P.S. Next year I'm ordering your presents in August. 


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