Monday, January 14, 2013

Playing Catch-up

It's been awhile since I've posted anything, and don't get me wrong, it's not because I didn't think there wasn't anything post-worthy, no, no, there was, I just didn't feel like writing anything. There! I said it. I've admitted to all of Blog-dom that I didn't want to blog, in spite of having pictures and semi-entertaining stories to go along with them. Do I feel bad about this? Not as much as I probably should, the thought nagged the back of my mind for about five minutes, then I got over it. 
So, back to business.
December was a long month. So much so that I'm already dreading this next one. You know, December 2013. The one that is 11 whole months away. Yes, that's right, that one. Parts of it were good, and I'll get to those parts soon enough, but parts of it were downright dreadful as well. 
I used to LOVE Christmas and everything about the Christmas season: getting the tree, seeing the lights, all the wonderful food, the snow, all of it. Now I'm an adult and realize that the reason I loved most, if not all, of those things, was because I didn't really have to deal with the behind the scenes stress that goes along with it. I didn't make the food, I didn't clean up the tree, and I certainly didn't ever put up the lights. Now I'm an adult, and I'm shopping for my Grinch costume for this coming December because I found myself telling my Mom I didn't want a Christmas tree. Ever again. So sad, seeing as most of my childhood and teenage life it was my single-handed (and probably really whiny and annoying) begging that made my parents get us a tree in the first place, usually for free from a tree lot that was just clearing out all the ugly trees, on Christmas Eve. Now that I'm old enough to get one anytime I want, I don't want one anymore! Oh the irony! Trees are messy and I have to spend most of my days ensuring my kids don't knock it down on top of themselves. Plus, the ornaments get knocked off and kicked around at least 867 times before noon, leaving me to A) step on them, usually in bare feet or B) pick them up and stick them back on the tree, but out of reach this time, leaving the bottom half of the tree quite naked. Sometimes this just leads to my kids climbing the tree in reach of said ornaments and we're back to square one, me trying to stop them from knocking the tree over on themselves. Throw in the never-ending assault on my ears with the most annoying Christmas songs ever (I'm talking to you, Paul McCartney, whom I usually adore!) and I'm wanting to dress up in a green, hand-dyed yak fur costume. (AKA The Grinch, the one with Jim Carrey. Betcha didn't know that was yak fur, did ya? True story.) 
I'll stop my whining about Christmas now, cause in spite of the crowds and horrible music and still finding pine needles all over the floor, Christmas day itself is one of the holidays that's more fun once you have kids. (The 4th of July is less fun, in case you were wondering. Never have I come so close to calling the cops on my neighbors as when they wake my kids up at midnight with their shockingly large pyrotechnic display.) The boys loved seeing all the lights this year, and eating all the cookies, and were SO EXCITED to wake up on Christmas morning (It was really the 21st, we flew out that day so Santa came early) and see the presents and find little animals in their stockings. See?

Adorable. :) Jason spent part of the morning introducing his little red bird (A robin, maybe? Bird expert I am NOT.) to all his other stuffed animals, which I thought was very considerate of him. 
I also celebrated my birthday last month, and my hair's way of congratulating me on my happy day was to allow me to find 3 gray ones. Nice. My hair is kind of a jerk when it comes to birthday wishes. Anyway, it was a good day. In the morning, Brett made me breakfast and we opened presents. My friend watched the boys for a few hours during the day, and made me cupcakes. In the evening, Brett took me to dinner and got me an ice cream cake.

Yes, that's right, I'm 4. :)

After my Birthday and "Christmas" at our house, we flew to Utah. We took a late flight, which was really stupid planning on my part, seeing as how we made it to Utah around 11, meaning it was 1 AM Michigan time and we had just spent the last 5 hours with tired cranky children. Genius. The boys slept for a good portion of the time, but there was one half hour where Brandon freaked out because we turned off the iPad. (Being the good little passengers we are, when they told us to turn off all electronics as we were starting our descent, we did.)  Eventually I gave in and gave him to Brett, who turned the iPad back on, and then there was peace in all the plane. And silence. Blissful silence. The stewardesses said nothing of our electronic rebellion. 
We went to my parent's house after the airport and stayed through actual Christmas, which the boys loved. They played in the snow with some cousins and general merriment was had by all.:)

Brandon was having a hard time being convinced to wear gloves and cried when we'd put them on. These ones, however, stunned him speechless because they have little monster trucks printed on the palms. He stared at his hands for several minutes. Silly kiddo. 

We drove up Christmas day to Brett's parent's in Logan and opened presents there. (For the 3rd time. These kids are spoiled rotten!) 
I'd make them wear these hats all day long if they'd let me!

They also spent some time playing with light sabers. They wanted to knock the ornaments  off the tree with these, but I'm pretty sure most of them made it through in tact. 

A few days later, we all got sick. Brett was the only one who managed to stay healthy. I need to find out what it is that makes his immune system so strong, and then figure out a way to patent it. Cause then we'd be gazillionaires. He ran around taking care of myself and the kids like a champ. He even ran out to get me breakfast and flowers on our anniversary while I just sat there in my PJ's saying, "Aw man*cough, cough* I didn't get you anything *cough, hack, sneeze*" 
We were also able to meet two new nieces,  one from my side and one from Brett's, but I won't post pics cause I'm not sure what the rules are as far as posting pics of other people's kids, but suffice it to say, they were SO CUTE! Two little baby girls, both with lots of dark hair and big eyes. I think each one of those sister-in-laws need to have at least 7 more children. :) Fairly certain Alicia won't, since Sophie is her 4th child, but maybe I can convince Kristali to make 7 more little Lily's...
Anywho, the new year came and went, it was very noisy. The next day, Brett flew back to Michigan. I stayed in Utah with the boys for a little longer, we saw some good friends and did a few things that I'll probably spend more time on in another post. 
When we finally did go home, I was really nervous to fly by myself with both kids. I packed so much stuff. Seriously, I had 5 carry ons. FIVE. Getting through the airport wasn't so bad, it was when I had to leave the stroller in the hallway before the plane and turn myself into a pack mule that I could just feel people mentally begging me to not sit by them. I was trying to collapse the stroller and literally could not hold one more thing when Brandon turns around and says, "Mommy! Here! Take my sippy!" 
I laughed in spite of that being really not funny and managed to cram it into one of the carry on bags. The boys were really good on the trip home. We didn't even need to break out the iPad. They got a little bored, but they only time they complained was when they couldn't get their ears to pop. It was awful, mine were doing the same thing! 
We are now back in Michigan. We have put away all the luggage and are mostly back to a regular routine. It's nice to be home, and it's weird that this house here feels more like home. Weird, but nice. Hopefully I can add blogging back into the routine. 
Happy 2013 everyone!


  1. You should blog Maybe sometimes twice a day because I love to read the way you tell stories and the way you put things. I really laugh out loud (aloud? I don't know the difference.) You're so great :) Glad you had a good trip! In spite of the sickness and the December stress.

  2. Oh how I have missed your stories!! You are truly a great story teller & do hope that blogging makes it into your schedule!!! I miss you & your cuties & am glad you had a wonderful!!

  3. Just yesterday I was thinking about you shivering in the snow selling Ariel pictures to earn a Christmas tree, and how mad Grandma Joyce was at Dad on your behalf.