Friday, January 25, 2013

Snow Day

We've had a pretty mild winter here in Michigan so far. People are forever telling us that it's usually really cold and there's always snow before Thanksgiving. I asked around when I first moved here, and mentioned I was thinking of getting a new coat since mine was pretty old (as in, freshman year of college old) and was told unanimously to get a new one, the warmer and bigger the better, and that I wouldn't regret it. So I got my big coat that goes to my knees and has fur around the hood (like Han Solo according to Brett) and waited for this snow and legendary lake effect I'd heard so much about. And then I waited some more, and waited and waited and waited. Finally, I gave up and went to Utah to see some snow. (Also, it was Christmas so that was another good reason for a visit.) We wanted to see a white Christmas, and in Utah, we got one! Snow everywhere! I began to joke with my friends and family that the state of Michigan is full of it when it comes to snow, that it probably thinks those tiny storms we had where nothing stuck to the ground counted as snow, and that the lake effect is probably just a rumor made up by people who want to keep their view of the lake unobstructed from newcomers. Meanwhile, my giant coat sat unused because it was too dang hot to wear in semi-cold weather. My teasing was all in good fun, but evidently, the State of Michigan did not find my good-natured ribbing funny. Nope, not one bit. I think Michigan got downright offended that I would insult it so, by even insinuating that it doesn't know what a real snow storm is.  
Yeah. So here's my car:

This is after one night, people. ONE NIGHT. For two days it had been snowing a bit and so I'd go shovel the driveway before lunch, and by the time Brett got home it looked like I hadn't shoveled at all. Then there was Wednesday night. Tons and tons of snow. Brett called in the morning and told me he saw a bunch of cars that had slid off the road on his way to work, so that I shouldn't go anywhere for awhile until all the roads get plowed. Then I looked out the window and saw the car. Ha! I couldn't go anywhere even if I wanted to! 
Anyway, the sky was finally blue, and Jason had been asking for days to go play in the snow, so I took the time to bundle both boys up in their snow clothes and let them come help me shovel the walk. And by "help me shovel" I mean "undue all the shoveling I just did by shoveling the snow back onto the sidewalk."
They did have a really good time playing in the snow though. They were thrilled to be outside where they could run around and work off some of their toddler energy that I'm totally jealous of.
He was trying to smile, I think his face was frozen...

 Jason tried to help me with his kid-sized shovel, and he did a pretty good job until he discovered it was more fun to just fall over in the unblemished snow and then stand up and see his little imprint.  
Brandon spent a good 20 minutes throwing snow at me while I shoveled and then laughing hysterically.  It really wasn't a ton of snow. Do you see those gloves? The poor kid could barely move his hands, let alone make an actual snowball. He eventually tired of trying to pick stuff up and settled for swatting at the ball we use as a parking guide in the garage. (Someday I worry we'll drive too far and that gray cabinet will come crashing onto the hood of our car. It's a terrifying thought.) 

The boys were more willing than usual to let me take pictures of them. Jason even pulled out his real smile, instead of the one where he has really squinty eyes like I'm blinding him with something. 

Poor Brandon. He's at the age where he wants to go and play with his brother, but isn't quite coordinated enough to do so. And then I added 16 layers of clothing onto him. Several times I'd be shoveling along and hear this tiny little voice saying, "Mom! HELP!" I'd turn around and find Brandon stuck in the snow, unable to get back up. (He lay there like a slug, it was his only defense! :)) I'd go help him get back up, and then I'd laugh at with him.  After I snapped a picture, of course.

It took a couple hours to get the snow cleared off.  I was motivated to shovel in the first place so the mailman could get to the mailbox.(Ironically, we didn't have any mail that day.) The boys had such a good time though, that it was worth it. 
I've learned my lesson, Michigan. I will stop openly mocking your snowfall capabilities, lest you send three more feet of snow my way. Well played, Mitten State, well played...


  1. Oh, those red cheeks! Hot chocolate afterward?

  2. YES, YES, YES!! I was excited to see a new post from you :) One day you'll have to teach me to do that thing where you cross stuff out. Like you laughed at (crossed out) with him. So funny. Anyway, glad to see you got some snow and can use your coat. I bet you're wishing you had made the better choice to move to Montana, instead of Michigan. I had the perfect double wide picked out for you!!