Sunday, January 20, 2013

That time we went spelunking in the basement...

Part of the reason we chose this house over the other rentals that we looked at was because it has a really big storage area in the basement, and we knew that since we'd be going to a smaller house than our Utah one, we'd need all the storage we could get! Our landlord has a bunch of stuff that he stores in there as well, stacked in one corner. Combined with our stuff, there's not much room left, just little walkways so we can get around. There's also only one tiny light bulb that doesn't put off much light. The whole area gives me the creeps, so I don't go in there often. This week we had to do some climbing around in there in pursuit of one tiny toy. Not even a whole toy, just a piece of one.
Jason got a little toy drill for Christmas this year. He's been drilling all over the house, he's quite the handyman these days. :)
 This week he was drilling and found a hole in our wood floors that someone had drilled to run cable through, and then decided on another spot 2 inches over, leaving a random hole in the floor. I've never thought much about it, because it's just a little hole, right next to the wall. It's big enough that I don't think my kids' fingers would get stuck in, but too small for them to be able to fit any of their toys in there. Or so I thought. Guess where Jason decided to stick his drill? Right in that hole. I don't blame him, it'd be a perfect place for him to play handyman, since a drill made that hole in the first place. So he stuck his little drill bit into the hole, and when Jason pulled his drill out, the bit stayed behind and then fell beneath the floorboard. Poor guy was SO SAD! He cried and cried and so I told him what I always tell him when I can't fix something but want him to stop crying, "Maybe Dad can take a look at it when he gets home." (I know, I know, I'm horrible.) I told him that it was stuck in the floor, so Daddy probably wouldn't be able to find it, but we'd ask him. Brett got home, and I told him what was going on, totally expecting him to adopt my approach of "Well, we'll never see that again. Sorry, little dude." But no,that's not what happened, because I sometimes forget that Brett is highly motivated and more awesome than myself. He had the attitude of "I bet I can find that tiny 3 inch piece of plastic that is lurking who knows where in the underbelly of our basement!" He got out some flashlights, put one on top of the tiny hole in the floorboard, and went into the basement to see if he could see light. He found the light shining on top of one of the heating ducts that runs through our storage space. The heating duct that runs above where our the giant stack of our landlord's furniture is. And it really is a huge stack, floor to ceiling furniture and mattresses. Brett was able to climb around and see the little drill bit, but he couldn't reach it. Naturally, we turned to duct tape. That stuff can fix anything. We also got out Brett's headlamp, just so he'd look awesome while climbing on top of random furniture. He came up with the idea of wrapping the duct tape, sticky side out, onto a broom and grab the drill piece that way. It took a couple tries, but eventually he got it.
What a stud!

And here's a closeup shot...
So, we got Jason's drill back together, and I've threatened him with just about everything I can think of  to not lose it again. This whole process of finding this thing actually took close to 2 hours. A good portion of that was because we couldn't stop taking pictures of Brett with a headlamp on find the duct tape, also we had to fashion the "device," and then make references to the Friends episode where they glue together a bunch of chopsticks to poke their neighbor across the street to make sure he's not dead.  It was a good family night. And Jason was ecstatic that Brett was able to fix his drill. Brett really is that little boy's hero. He knows Dad can fix anything. As long as he gets his headlamp on first, that is. :)


  1. Ugh. You're such a better blogger than me!! I love hearing these stories. I wish I was so funny as you and that would make me want to blog more. Instead, I blog and it sounds all jumbled and I don't even understand the story myself. :) But YOU. Now THERE'S a good story teller!!

  2. PS Glad you found the drill bit :)

  3. I read this aloud to Sam. He was a very involved listener. When I got to the part about Brett putting a light on top of the hole, Sam cried out, "Smart!" He was practically jumping and punching the air. :)