Monday, February 25, 2013

Food Fight

As a general rule, Brett and I have a great relationship. We get along, we laugh, warm fuzzies abound. Except about once a month when I start planning the meals for the upcoming month, I swear we have the exact same conversation over and over and over again. It goes a little something like this:
Me: I'm sick of all the things we eat! It's your turn to come up with some ideas.
Brett: Ok, well what do you have so far?
Me: (Lists off about 17 dinners, the mention of about 3 cause Brett to make a stinkface) Can you not roll your eyes? It's one day out of the whole month that you have to eat (insert fish, eggs, or some soup that Brett doesn't like here) and I really want the kids to eat it, and if they see you throwing a fit, they won't eat it either.
Brett: I know, I know, I'll try and be better.
Me: See, you always say that, but I know that when this day approaches, you're going to ask me what's on the menu, and I'm going to say fish or something, and you're going to wince or roll your eyes or have a stroke.
Brett: I don't do that. Ok, maybe I do.
Me: Ok let's practice. You ask me what's for dinner, I'll tell you something delicious that you think is nasty, and we'll avoid stinkface-making.
Brett: Honey, what's on the menu tonight?
Me: Tilapia
You totally winced! Now try again!
Brett: Ok, ok, honey, what's for dinner?
Me: Scrambled eggs
*Noticeable eye tightening, like he's surrounded by stinky diapers
For the love, you are an ADULT! Get ahold of yourself, man!
Brett: Ok, ok! One more time! What's for dinner?
Me: Tilapia.
*Facepalm* I give up. Just don't ask me what's for dinner around the kids, ok?

And around and around it goes until next month when we will inevitably have the same conversation about what's for dinner and we end up eating the same freaking foods month after month because those are the ones that are stinkface-proof. :)
So, any new dinner ideas sent our way would be greatly appreciated!

As far as the kids go, because they're why anyone reads this blog anyway, Jason and Brandon have been playing a fun game together these days. I like to call it "Coerce Brandon into climbing into a bin and then pile all the stuffed animals on top of him." It's a working title.

Note,  Exhibit A:

And occasionally they'll do this while watching TV, which makes it very difficult for Brandon to actually see the TV, but he adapts by craning his neck into awkward positions:

Jason likes to pile up little (and huge) piles of other stuff with his construction toys. He calls them "diggers." 

We have a hard time convincing him to actually eat cheerios and not smuggle them away for later so he can play with them.
"Look at how my crane is right next to the cheerios! Convenient for playing!"
Today  both the boys sat around the table and played with cheerios and diggers for about an hour. It was adorable, at least it was until they added water to the cheerios and it became a big, squishy mess, but up until then, ADORABLE. :)

And one more picture, because it's recent and cute:

Brett was making dinner with Brandon on his back. I kept trying to take the little fella, but Brandon would have NONE OF IT. I don't blame him, the view from that high is way better! 


  1. Definitely a good one :) Thanks for that. I like the little glances into your life.

    I don't know how Brett doesn't like Tilapia? You make him eat stuff he doesn't like? If I know Trevor doesn't like it, it's out of the rotation for EVER. :) If I make dinners he's not a fan of, he just eats a tiny bit and makes toast after the kids go to bed :)

    Cute kids!!!

  2. I take that back. I do make soup still. Because he LIKES it, it's just not FILLING enough for him. Waah.

  3. mmmmm I love you two :) and the two you made, I love those boys as well!!