Sunday, February 17, 2013


This week has been really dull. We've been busy, but only doing the laundry-dishes-dinner-making kind of busy stuff. On Valentine's Day, we had a pretty low-key day. Brett got me and the kids a little box of chocolates and I, being the dork that I am, didn't get him anything because I thought we weren't getting each other anything. So on Valentine's Day I went to a little grocery store to pick him up some Jones' Soda, because he likes the FuFu Berry and I thought it would be appropriate for the holiday since it's pink. I found it pretty quick, but the boys quickly discovered we were in the pop aisle and started begging for their own. I saw some store brand soda that looked like a mini-two liter bottle that was 2/$1. I told them they could each pick one. Jason picked a grape one and Brandon wanted the green and yellow bottle, which I assumed from the "mist" in the title was a knock-off of Sierra Mist. While I was checking out, the guy bagging the groceries had little cans of diet Pepsi he was giving away for Valentine's Day, some promo I'm assuming since the cans had hearts on them. He asked if the boys could have them, I said sure, but was thinking, "Why would you think giving caffeine to toddlers is a good idea?" I figured I'd stash the Pepsi's in the fridge and give them the pops I bought them, and they'd never miss them.
I called my sister on the way home and was chatting with her while I unloaded the kids and the pop and all the other stuff that somehow makes its way into the car. The kids started begging for their little pops as soon as we walked in and I figured, "Eh, it's Valentine's Day, who cares if it's only 11 in the morning? They can have their pop and I can chat a little longer." So I gave them their pop.
About 10 minutes later, I was walking past the table, and something clicked, what I thought was store-brand Sierra Mist looked a lot like Mountain Dew's logo. I grabbed the bottle and flipped it over to the ingredients. "Hmm, incomprehensible stuff, sugar-something, ah yep, there it is, CAFFEINE."
I interrupted Kim with a nice, "Ah, Kim! I'm an idiot!" She said, "What? Why?" because she thought I had said she was an idiot. No, no, that'd be me, the person who just gave her two year old fake Mountain Dew at 11 AM.
He had only drank about 1/3 of the bottle so I took the rest and poured it down the sink, making Brandon sob, which made my heart ache since he didn't know why I was tossing his pop. Poor little guy. I tried to make Jason share his pop with Brandon, but Brandon didn't want his pop. So I took a bottle of Brett's 4-pack and gave that to him, and he was happy with that. But then Jason wanted one too, so I gave Jason one and he gave me the rest of his grape.
I then called Brett up to tell him why he would have half a Valentine's Day present and why his youngest child may be bouncing off the walls for the rest of the day.
Well played, Karma, well-played. No more snarky thoughts for me.
 The day ended pretty nice. We made some chocolate-dipped strawberries with the kids, and Brandon suffered no ill-effects from his caffeine fix except that his nap was about 3 hours later than usual.


  1. Haha :) I had a good time chuckling about it at Lowe's the other day after we got off the phone. Not because I think you're distress is funny, but because I would also do something like get Mountain Dew for the toddler--you know, like the Latte that looks a LOT like chocolate milk. Stupid packaging. You're the GREATEST!!

  2. Well shoot. I'm signed in under my journal name again. I always do this. These "A Day in the Life" comments are really from me (your sister--Kim :) )