Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bunk Beds

For quite some time now, I've been laboring under the delusion that our oldest son still fit in his toddler bed. "He's getting really tall, sure, but surely he can't be that tall," I'd tell myself. I finally checked where his feet were at one night after he'd climbed into bed, and they were crammed all the way down by his footboard. It's not like he was squeezed in there like a sausage or anything, but he was definitely too big for his bed! And so the hunt for bunk beds began!
When we were in Utah over Christmas, both the boys did just fine in twin beds at my parents' house, so I knew they would do fine with the transition to "big boy beds," it was the sheer volume of bed options that gave me a headache. I agonized for days over what kind of bed, where to get it from, what color, how much could we afford to spend, etc. I knew I wanted the kind of bunk beds where they can be split into two twin beds, because I don't trust Brandon anywhere near a ladder. That boy has no sense of danger! Most of the beds I looked at, when split into two beds, aren't exactly identical though, and for some reason, this bugged me to no end. It's like playing that game of looking at seemingly identical pictures and guessing what's wrong with one. Except you live in that game. So all those beds were out. There's lots of those, in case you were wondering.
Then there was the mattress shopping. Oh my, if I never see the inside of a mattress store again I'll be happy! It seemed like there were lots of really cheap mattresses, and lots of super expensive ones, but no where in between.
And then we had to buy bedding. Ugh.
It's been a not so fun couple of weeks for me. I hate making decisions like this. When it comes to decorating decisions, I'm terribly indecisive, I know what I don't want, which makes shopping with me really fun, by the way, and I wander around overwhelmed by all the choices. Yes, I'm a girl and I don't like decorating. I feel like I need to find a support group somewhere. I'm not that girl who couldn't wait to get married and decorate her own house. Um...I couldn't even decorate my bedroom in college, why would I want to do a whole house? I don't, not even a little, hence the wandering and inability to decide on things.
Eventually, we did get some beds, and one mattress because that was all they had in stock, but I figured Brandon would do fine on the toddler bed and we'd just store half the bunk bed for a couple months and get another mattress, once I could stand the thought of a mattress store without breaking into hives.
We had to let the beds air out for a few days, the lacquer smell was SO strong! Then we put one bed together and the kids were so funny, to me it's just a bed, but they were giddy!
The assembly
The giddiness of a new bed. 

Pure bliss, right here.

And then they just sat here for a really long time, playing with their stuffed animals and reading books to each other. It was a very sweet little evening. We tried to get Brandon excited about the toddler bed, he was getting a new (well, new to him) bed too since we put his crib away, but he kept saying, "No, I seep wid Dason!" through his tiny, clenched teeth, like we were too dumb to understand it the first few times he said it. We tucked them in for the night, I returned Brandon back to bed multiple times, and finally we left. No more than five minutes later, I heard a thunk and Brandon started crying so I went to go check on him. He'd walked into the corner of Jason's bed trying to get back in bed with him, and had a good little bruise developing on his eye. I relented and let asked Jason if Brandon could lay by him  for a little while until he falls asleep, and Jason said, "Of course!" Seriously, he says that a lot lately when I ask him to do things, and it cracks me up. Brandon snuggled up next to his big brother and I didn't hear anything else from them. When we were getting ready to go to bed, and I went to go check on them and saw this little scene:

IS THAT NOT THE SWEETEST THING??? If you don't think so, you should check again. Or get a CAT scan or something. I put Brandon back in his toddler bed, and the next day we went and bought him his own mattress. I didn't like the thought of him willing to poke his eye out on a footboard just so he could sleep in the cool new bed, when he had his own totally identical one. We put his together and he was excited.
I have to say I'm a little sad to put their crib and toddler bed away. It means they're getting bigger and are no longer tiny. They're still little, but so often I still think of Jason as a 2-3 year old and Brandon as a baby, when really, Brandon is the toddler and Jason is a little kiddo now. 
They grow up so dang fast! 
I just hope they don't outgrow these beds anytime soon, cause I really don't want to shop for furniture ever again!


  1. Those beds are like our bunk beds, but darker--and I like them better :) I also like their bedding! Good choice. Maybe you should come decorate for me. Also glad you bought Brandon a mattress. Poor kid. They are DANG adorable.

  2. That is really cute. We got a twin over full bunk thinking that the full could be used when guests came over. Turns out the full is used all the time for the boys sleeping together and the top bunk is left empty. Didn't see that coming.

  3. Hi Amanda! Your comment on our blog led me to your blog. I can't believe how big the boys have gotten! It looks like things are going good in Michigan. We miss seeing you. Thanks for your sweet comment. It meant alot! Have a good week and stay warm up there!