Sunday, March 31, 2013


This last week was pretty dull. Dull in that we barely left the house. It was also exciting. Exciting in that there was tons of laundry and cleaning and gatorade-fetching to do thanks to two puking children. For those of you who have never cleaned up puke at 4 AM, well, cherish these times. Because it's gross. Really gross.
Wow, ok, onto less icky topics.
Last week we enjoyed some lovely weather, it's been a balmy 42 degrees! I never thought that the 40's would feel nice! It's so great to be able to walk outside and grab the mail without having to put on snow boots and shovel the walk to get to my mailbox. We even went for a walk down to the beach last night before dinner with just jackets. Jackets, people, jackets! Not giant coats! It was so awesome.
Funny story, well, I thought it was funny. We had the kids in the jogging stroller until we hit this trail down by the beach and we thought it would be a good time to let the kids run off some of their endless energy. They hopped out and were running around, just thrilled to be outside. Jason had to stop and kick all the dirt he could find while Brandon felt the need to tell me everything he saw, "Look! Mom! A TREE! Look! A BIRD! MOM! MOM! Do you SEE THAT? A SQUIRREL!" I picked him up and we were watching this little squirrel jump from tree to tree when an old man walked past us. He smiled at Brandon's excitement and then saw Jason playing in the dirt and turned around and told us what a beautiful family we had. We said thank you, because really, they were being adorable kiddos, Then he said, "You guys need to have one more." Brett said something like, "Yeah, we probably should, we like these two." And the old man said, "Yep, one more. Don't space them too far apart now. You should have another boy, boys are easier to raise then girls." We smiled and laughed politely, said how we seem to be destined for boys. Then he said, "Well, enjoy your walk! Don't forget what I said, you need to have another one! Go home and start tonight!" Then he waved and walked away. What do you say to a little old man who tells you to go home and, how do I put this delicately? get busy?  Nothing, you stand there and smile awkwardly. Ah awkward silence, makes my world go round.
So, onto Easter. We decided to get the boys Wreck it Ralph when it came out and just hold onto it until Easter, so we did and at some point, we thought it would be cool to put it in a giant rice krispie treat shaped like an egg. THREE batches of rice krispie treats later, I had sculpted a masterpiece:

Honestly, I'm pretty proud of this little fella. It was just something that sounded fun and worked out, which is so rare when I try crafty things! 
Here's a picture with the Easter baskets, so you can get an idea of scale:

I hope they don't expect me to do this every year though, cause that's just not going to happen! We've been snacking on the giant egg all day, good looking and delicious!
The boys were really excited to look for the eggs the Easter bunny left, there were some in the house and outside as well. 

I love this picture right here. They're such happy little kids. They had a great time being able to be outside and gather their eggs. 

I also included this picture, which cracks me up, because this is the perfect example of the faces I get whenever we try and get them to sit and pose nicely:

Oh my, I love my kiddos! They're so funny. :)
I hope that you all have had a Happy Easter! 


  1. First of all, I think every person with kids has had the puke cleaning experience at 4 a.m. (also at midnight, 1, 2 and 3 a.m.) It's so much harder to clean puke in the dark. And it's so sad when it's all over them and you decide there's nothing you can do but a quick bath. So sad.

    Also, I think you should have another kid. And start tonight. This man MAY have been one of the three Nephites. YOU DON'T KNOW. You can't just IGNORE his prophecies. Just saying.

    Also, that is the best giant egg ever. How did you sculpt it and get it to set and look JUST like an egg? Without it setting too fast or falling apart? Genius. Rice krispie treats, along with cookies and a great many other sugary treats, are a weakness. I LOVE THEM. I wish I was there to bask in it's deliciousness. And at the same time, not. Because I'm counting calories again. Boring.

    Your kids are adorable.

  2. I love the comments of old people!!! And yes I do need one more!! :)
    I absolutely love your rice Krispy egg & think you need to explain HOW you did it! I'm totally impressed & in awe!!

  3. It would have been really funny if you went home and felt sick and discovered you actually were pregnant. With a girl.

  4. hehehe Oh I like that old man. Please have another :) Also you guys are the cutest! Te Amo!