Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Mom Shouldn't Read This

My Mother, bless her heart, hates all things sticky and messy. You know the 1st birthday tradition where the kids get their very own little cake to smash? Yeah...she hates that tradition. I swear, with Brandon, she was breaking out into hives watching him smash his cake, and was desperate to wipe off his fingers. Mom, I love you, and would prefer you not give yourself a heart attack, so avert your eyes from this post! :)
 It's winter time in our little city, and it is kinda boring. We have all been stuck inside lately, and the kids have been b-o-r-e-d BORED. Which is why I've been allowing them to do things that I wouldn't normally do, like play in sugar. Sure, it makes sort of a sticky mess, but I don't care because it keeps them quiet and entertained for a REALLY long time! Jason came up with the idea. It was one of those times he was being quiet, a little too quiet, so I went to go see what he was into. I found him in the sugar bowl with one of his little toys, he was thrilled because it has about the same texture of sand, which he's been begging me to play with for days. Every time we drive by the lake, he asks me if it's summer yet and can we go play at the beach (no we can't, silly, there is still snow on the beach and ice on the lake). My little fella is so desperate for some beach fun that he is playing in the sugar? That just made me sad. So when I had to kick him out of the sugar bowl, I gave him a plate and put a spoonful of sugar (why yes, yes I am Mary Poppins) on it and told him to play there instead, and he was happy with that. Brandon woke up from his nap, and then they both wanted a plate of sugar and toys. Since I had to make dinner, I happily obliged.

So, yes, they're making a pretty good mess, and yes, sugar, not unlike sand, is gritty and gets everywhere, but it keeps them busy for HOURS! Not even Mom-hours, real time hours. And if I have to clean up about 1/3 of a cup of sugar that has somehow spread itself ALL OVER the kitchen in order to keep them occupied with something other than TV for hours at a time, then I'm going to do that! 
I was asking Brett what the business term for this would be...I'm willing to let them make this huge mess because it keeps them entertained for so long. If they just dumped it out and walked away, I wouldn't let them do it, because the time occupied wouldn't be worth the mess. Does that make any sense? Anyone know of a term that I can apply to this situation? Mess to risk ratio? Mess-clean cost analysis? While I'm thinking of a better term, I just wish you all could see my basement, where we keep all the toys. It's shockingly clean. So the sugar? Totally worth it.  And cleaned up in 10 minutes. :)


  1. I am a little too much like our mother. Sigh. But they are cute. And it's fun to watch them play :)

  2. This is the first time I've seen your blog. You hid it from me for all these years? How could you! :)

  3. Brilliant sugar solution. Or you could come visit us and play in real sand tomorrow. :)