Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Conference Traditions and SIckies

Ah, Conference. That wonderful time of year where I look forward to hearing some excellent talks, being enlightened by modern-day prophets and feeding my soul. At least, that's my dream-version. In reality, I hear scraps of the talks and am annoyed the rest of the time because I can't hear anything and don't my noisy kids realize I'm just trying to feel the spirit??? I know lots of people have General Conference traditions, like putting up a tent in the living room or eating certain treats, some people use this as a time to update 72 hour kits and food storage (read: overachievers who I'm rather jealous of), and there's lots of good ideas for families with young children. I learned of some of these traditions and ideas because I scrolled through Pinterest and noted several, hoping to make Conference go a little smoother for our family.
Then I got sick.
"But wait!" you might say, "Weren't you guys sick last week?" Yes, yes we were.
Stupid viruses.
Soo funny because I'm actually sick right now and husbandless for the next 3 weeks.  Bring on the babies!
So sad, and so true.
Boy howdy, I HATE being sick. Hate, despise, abhor, there's not a strong enough word to describe my intense dislike of the common cold. I'm also a joy to live with during said cold, let me tell you, a peach. 
So, needless to say, all my ideas to make Conference an enjoyable and pleasant experience went right down the drain, and we enacted our usual Conference tradition: we tell the kids over and over and over and over to be quiet and settle down so we can hear the Prophets speaking, then give up and tell them to go play in the basement. Then it's so quiet and the speakers' voices are so soothing that I close my eyes, just for a second... and miss another 3 talks only to be woken up by the sound of my own sleep talking.(This was especially embarrassing since we had my friend Maren here visiting. Sorry, Maren!) I spend the week after Conference listening to the talks online one at a time during times when I can actually pay attention to them. Admittedly, it's not the best tradition and I'm totally open to suggestions. I'm hoping I'll be nice and healthy for October's sessions, I really did want to try out some of the Pinterest ideas with the kids!
Since I've been sick all week, there's not really much to report at our house, unless you're the type of person who gets a kick out of snot stories. I'm going to go ahead and assume most people aren't. :)
Anyway, here are a few fun quotes from the boys, who can always be counted on for wholesome entertainment:
Jason has been testing our reactions lately by saying "Poop" at the dinner table. Who am I kidding? It's neither just lately nor only at the table! He's a young boy and poop jokes are all the rage, so he says it a LOT. Tonight at dinner he was talking to Brandon and said, "Poo," and I told him he knows better than to say that when we're eating. He looked at me with disbelief, and with great patience said, "Mom, I said Winnie the POOH... like the bear that eats honey from a jar!" First of all, he's never seen Winnie the Pooh. Second, I think the most exposure he's had to Winnie the Pooh is a Winnie the Pooh coloring book that he doesn't color in... or look at. So I'm not really sure where he got his facts, but they're spot-on!
Brandon has his fair share of amusing statements as well. The other night, I'd given him a few chocolate chips and Brett was teasing him, telling Brandon he was going to eat them. So Brandon, naturally, closed his chubby little hand into a fist so Brett couldn't get them. Brett took Brandon's fist and shoved the whole thing into his, meaning Brett's, mouth. Brandon was NOT expecting this and FREAKED out and cried, "DAD! No! DON'T EAT ME!!!" with panic in his eyes. Poor kid. Surely he knows we aren't actually going to nibble on him? Right? I hope so.


  1. CUTE. I love the stories. Get better soon!!

  2. I've even not done the conference activities with my kids even when Primary has done all the work and sent some home. Insert frowny face for me right here.