Monday, April 29, 2013

Jerks & Races

Sometimes I'm a jerk.
I don't mean to be, I daresay that 98% of the time that's not my intent. (The other 2% is reserved for the insurance companies when they keep me on hold for 20 minutes, then speak slowly to me like I'm a child. Also, salesmen who can't take a hint.) Anyway, I made a horrific jerk-esque oversight in my last post and that needs to be fixed right away!
While I mentioned that I ran my first 5K with my dear friend Stephanie, what I left out was that I ran my second half marathon with my dear friend Ashley (and also our husbands), who also ran nearly every long run with me while I was training for my first half. Yep, this awesome girl would often get up early and run anywhere from 4-9 miles with me...just because I asked her to. She wasn't training for anything, and I was always impressed when I'd up the mileage and Ashley would just run alongside me like it was no big deal even though she wasn't running the rest of the week! That girl is TOUGH!

Ashley & Jordan

The group shot.
Sometimes I forget how tall Brett is.
And then I see pictures like this.

I like that I met Ashley when I was 15 and we're still friends. I know I was 15 and she was 16 because I was student driving with my teacher in her neighborhood. We were practicing parallel parking. Ashley backed out of her driveway and almost hit me with her car. (She had balloons in the backseat of her car and couldn't see us.) The next day she came and apologized to me and we have been friends ever since! (Although I don't parallel park much, if I can help it.)  I love that she not only knows where I live, she's actually BEEN HERE because her hubbs is from the other side of the lake! (Note to Jordan: Don't you want to come visit your family? You know, so that we can see you guys while you're out here??? Hint hint.:)That'd be great.)
I also ran with lots of people from our Syracuse ward that I miss terribly. People who would let me slow them down and pester them with questions about shin splints (eh-hem, Amber :) Oftentimes they'd run with me at night so I wouldn't have to go alone, even though they'd already ran that day! 
Wow, that was a lot about me and my running. I promise this won't turn into a self-absorbed running blog, I just needed to get that out there. And if I forgot anyone else in a jerk-like oversight, please know it was unintentional. I'm rarely an intentional jerk...unless you're an insurance person...

And now, some of the happenings that's been going on with our family:
Last Saturday we enjoyed some of our very newly arrived spring weather (FINALLY, spring took FOREVER to get here!) and we ran a theme race with the kiddos. It was a superhero race, so we took the kids in their Batman pajamas, I fashioned myself an old-school Robin costume, and we safety-pinned a joker on Brett's shirt so he could be the Joker. 
See the Joker on Brett's shirt? Trust me, it was there, and it was amazing!

This pic shows off my attempts at a Robin costume a little better. 
It was a fun race! There were lots of people dressed up, some even had on full body jumpsuits and I was shocked to see them running in those suckers, that'd be so hot! 

The weather has been really nice the last few days, so we have been spending a lot of time going to different parks. It's amazing, the kids sleep better and are far less whiny when they're able to get outside and play instead of staying inside all day. Weird. The only downside is that I can no longer get away with letting them skip a bath. :) Also, there's a ton of sand in the tub...and in the washer...and all over the floors...

I'm so glad spring is finally here! We've had cabin fever. (Does anyone else get that Muppet's song stuck in their head when saying "cabin fever" or is it just me? Just me? Oh, ok.) Plus, these boys were starting to look a little scroungy in their too-small winter shirts and too short and holey jeans! I'm actually looking forward to the seasonal clothes rotation that I have to do this week!
Something else we have to do this week is something I am really dreading: making Brandon give up his binki. He only uses it when he sleeps, but he's way too old for it. I have been dragging my feet on taking it away though because he loves the stupid thing! He goes to bed so willingly, shoot, he just asked if he could go to bed while I was writing this. How many toddlers stop playing and come ask to be put in bed for a nap??? 
 Jason was so easy when we took away his binki. He had two, then we let him have one, then one night we got rid of that one and told him he didn't need it anymore. I was bracing myself for several nights of crying, but he didn't make a peep, he just went to bed and never asked for it again. 
Something tells me Brandon will not be that easy. So if you have any tips on making this a little less traumatic for Brandon (and myself!) that would be great.

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  1. No binki help here--none of my kids ever used one--except Natalie, who used one when I got one as a "prize" from buying a maternity shirt at Motherhood. Natalie took it over, then lost it, then talked about losing it for the next few months. I didn't even quote-unquote lose it for her. It's probably still in this house. We'll probably find it when we are moving and Natalie will be so happy and then she will become attached to it and then I will be asking you for advice on how to get toddlers to give up their binkis.