Sunday, May 26, 2013

I've Got My Cranky Pants On

Hmm...I'm kind of a grumpy-pants today. I don't know if I should be blogging. I've already thrown some things at Brett (badly, I didn't want to hit him, I do still love him, after all), there was a terse conversation over whether or not the Church website charges shipping (they don't), and I've been in a stinky mood ever since I had to get up too early to take Brett to a meeting, come back home, get myself and the kids ready, and head back to church.
Why didn't we take two cars?
Because the truck is in the shop. Again. Poor little truck. You'd think I'd be mad at it, but instead I look at it like a 3-legged dog, "Oh you poor thing! It's not your fault! You must be tired. Come have a rest and we'll get you some coolant."
Hopefully this repair won't be too expensive. Although I love my 3-legged dog-truck, I'm not going to spend more in repairs than what it is worth. If they can't fix it, it may be time to take the ol' fella out to the "farm" let it run and play with all the other old trucks.
Or I'll stubbornly keep it running like a professor of mine did with her Chihuahua, the thing was about 764 years old with a custom oxygen mask.
Probably not.
Too much Idaho blood in me for that.
Anyway, we haven't done many exciting things this week. The bipolar Michigan weather turned on us once again, so we had a couple warm days then lots of cold days.

True, but still...
 During the cold days we just stayed inside and drove each other crazy, and then took lots of breaks to watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates. The guys who sing songs at the end of the show are really creepy. Just saying.
We also read library books, but I need to hide some of those because I don't think I can handle reading Dinosaur vs. Bedtime one.more.time. Stop saying, "Roar!" over and over again! Surely dinosaurs don't roar so much when they are tired.
We found a very tasty way to pass the time, enter the ICE CREAM CONE!

Brett also ate ice cream cones, but alas, he's also the picture-taker these days, so there's no evidence of it. 
Brandon has perfected a new trick since he's been cooped inside:

Sometimes when I'm not looking he will open up the silverware drawer and hang from the side of that. Scares me every stinking time! Thankfully he doesn't do that (very often) anymore. 
Yesterday was a little warmer, so we took a walk down to the beach and threw rocks in the water for a couple hours. It's more fun than it sounds, the kids get super excited about the splash and it's fun to watch them. :)
Tomorrow should be a little more fun, Brett has the day off, which we love, and I think we're going to do something super exciting. I don't know what, but something!
Maybe we will visit some farms for the truck. 

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