Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day and a Visit from a Fairy

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in our life! I'm aware that there are certain mothers who don't like this holiday, and feel that it is just a reminder of all the things they aren't doing right. I'm not one of those mothers. A day to celebrate my efforts? One that involves flowers and presents and little handprints being given to me? And let us not forget, chocolates??? Sign me up! Can we do this twice a year?
This year Brett got me some bread pans and a season of Gilmore Girls. He also bought me some very pretty roses and helped the boys make me some stunning necklaces out of noodles.
(The noodle necklaces are in that box)
Today in church I was listening to lots of people recount stories of their Mothers and thinking about my own Mom. My Mom is the greatest. She's very kind and loving, the woman doesn't have a mean bone in her body. 

Little me and my Momma

I love this picture. My Mom looks so happy! Probably because she's holding me and I was terribly cute...or maybe it was because we were just sealed in the temple, yeah, that might have something to do with it. :)
My Mom is a great example of unconditional love and endless patience. She often let me help her cook dinner or make cookies with her. Now that Jason helps me when I'm making things, I'm amazed that I was the last child of ten and she didn't just tell me to go play so she could make dinner without my hindering her! 
She's an amazing woman and I hope I can be as good of a mother to my kiddos as she was to me!

As far as what we have been up to the rest of this week, we actually did take Brandon's binki away. Scratch that, the Binki Fairy took Brandon's binki away, not us. For those of you without binki-addicted children, the binki fairy is like the tooth fairy, except you give her binkis and she will leave you presents or treats in exchange. 
Brandon had about 6 binkis, but he only really liked one of them. We tried to ease him into giving the little suckers away by having him get rid of the ones he didn't really use and get excited about the presents. 
Day 1: He placed the binkis in an envelope, which we left on the porch for the binki fairy, who took the binkis and left some laffy taffys. Both boys were very excited about this. Especially Jason.

Day 2: Up the ante and have Brandon stick 2 binkis in the envelope. Holla! Oreos for breakfast! (Don't worry, they ate some cinnamon mini-wheats too.)

They were thrilled to find their own little packages of Oreos. When I gave them these, I thought about how my college self would be horrified that I'm using food as a reinforcement/incentive, something I swore I wouldn't do. Get off your high horse, college-Manda, they LOVE Oreos and don't get them very often. Maybe you should focus on more important things, like being able to pee alone, cause once these two come along, that is a rare occurrence. 

Day 3: Same thing, but with a non-food incentive. (I did major in Health after all, and I'm not a total hypocrite!) Brandon loves bubbles and would have me blow bubbles with them until I was blue in the face, so he was excited about these. 

*Sigh* Day 4: Giving up the last binki. I read a bunch of blogs that showed teary, but willing, children placing their last binki in the envelope. Yeah...that's not how it went down at our house! Brandon connected the dots and was LIVID, he kept trying to shove me back in his room instead of walking out to the porch to leave the envelope for the fairy. I had Brett take the boys downstairs so I could make a quick switch (*gasp* you mean the binki fairy isn't a REAL fairy? Nope, just me...wearing my sweats.)
I wanted his last little present to be something that he could snuggle since I was taking away something that's so comforting to him. He has a little ladybug named Bugsy that he loves, so when I found the same little guy, but the bee version, I grabbed it. It's name is Sting. Or Stingsy. Depends on which child of ours you ask. 

Judging by the pictures above, you'd think his adjustment went well. Well...these pictures are from the day after his very sleepless night that involved a LOT of crying. I didn't take any pictures of him screaming at me and then throwing his head back and sobbing. 
So, night 1 was pretty awful. Brandon alternated between heartbroken sobbing and enraged screaming. He'd tell me he wanted his binki, I'd tell him the binki fairy took it to give to another little baby, and he'd scream, "NO, BINKI FAIRY! GIVE.IT.BACK!!!" Then he'd cry and cry. If he knew any cuss words, he would have used every last one of them to describe our fictional fairy. Somehow Jason slept through all this even though they share a room. Brandon didn't end up falling asleep until around 11. We put him to bed at 8. 
He also woke up several times throughout the night and was awake for good at 6 AM. 
I worried we'd created a monster! 
But...knock on wood...I think he's getting better. He cried a little last night, but went to sleep without too much drama and slept all night. Today during his nap he was fussy, but he stayed in his bed and eventually went to sleep. I'm hoping that he's turning a corner and won't be recounting this experience to his shrink later on in life. 
Only good mothers give their children material to discuss with their psychiatrists later on. At least that's what I'm telling myself, because it's Mother's Day, and I'm going to celebrate my efforts! 
Happy Mother's Day, everyone!


  1. Loved this post. Glad Brandon is doing a little better without his binky :)

  2. Haha :) So funny. I had to read several excerpts to Trevor. Thanks :) Good luck tonight.

  3. I love your blog!

    At least you can take those binkies away! I can't get my three-year-old to stop sucking on his fingers, and I can't exactly take those away. Any creative ideas for a finger fairy? Hehe :)