Sunday, May 19, 2013

Park Days

Michigan is a weird state. I feel like we went straight from winter to summer, with a shocking lack of spring. We used both the heater and air conditioner within the same week, within a few days of each other. Naturally, the cold days occurred after I had put all the boys' warm winter clothes in storage. We were all sporting some interesting outfits those days. Lately it's been really warm though. I may have to bite the bullet and admit that it's time to turn on the A/C, if only so we can sleep at night. (Note to self: down comforters, while amazing in the winter, are HOT in the summer.)
I think the hot nights weren't helping Brandon with his binki-lessness. I'm sure people are sick of hearing about Brandon and his binki (binky?), but his withdrawals and repercussions of said withdrawals took up quite a bit of my energy earlier this week. One night he woke up about 12:30 and didn't fall back asleep until close to 3. He wanted me to lay by him, but when I did he would kick me so I'd get up, he'd cry and round and round we'd go. I was NOT in a good mood by the time I went back to bed, which is when I like to make sweeping declarations like, "We're not ever having more children! Go get yourself fixed tomorrow." To which Brett replied our pillows that we just bought at Costco suck and he can't sleep on them. Good times.
The next day, I was really tired and I remembered how crazy grouchy I get when I don't get a lot of sleep. I've decided that a nighttime nanny would be an excellent baby shower gift. "No, no, I didn't get you any outfits, but here's a nice person that will let you sleep more than 45 minutes at a time! Really, consider it the gift of sanity." I wonder how much that would cost...
Anyway. Aside from a few rough nights, Brandon has been doing really well so things are mostly back to normal. We went to the beach a lot last week (ignore my lack of pictures), if not the beach, we went to the park. It's so nice to be able to go places and let the kids run around! They've even miraculously started eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches so we can bring lunches and stay for a long time. Small things like that make me disproportionately happy. 
On Friday, we drove about half an hour away and went to a fair-type thing that was put on by a community children's organization. They had a firetruck, a police car, Clifford (the Big Red Dog), and lots of other booths and fun things just for kids. It was held at a park, and we had to walk past Clifford after signing in. I got my camera all ready for the boys to take a nice photo, and Brandon got really scared and turned running the other way. I have to say I wasn't expecting that...he loves dogs...Clifford just shrugged and waved. There's only so many ways to express yourself when you're stuck inside a dog suit.
I tried getting the boys excited about all the giant bouncy balls and parachutes, but they weren't really excited until they saw this:

Yahoo! It's a GIANT ROCK! 
Kids are baffling sometimes.
Every time we walked past the thing, they'd point it out, "There's that really big rock, Mom!" We saw a lady who was letting kids pet a snake, she also had some turtles and other animal pelts, but they liked the rock more. 
They did get really excited about the firetruck and police cars. 

Inside the firetruck

I thought it was really fun that they let the kids take turns spraying the fire hose. The boys LOVED that part.

They got to sit inside a police car. (police SUV?) I felt a little bad for the officer, I saw how dirty and dusty his seat was getting from all the kids stepping on the seat when they got in. He was really nice though and talked to all the kids, let them shake his hand and then gave them all a badge sticker. 

We played on the playground equipment.

Their favorite part of the playground was a particular slide though. I felt like Phil Dunfey when I looked at this slide and thought, "They don't make 'em like this anymore...for legal reasons..."
Honestly, the thing was a little terrifying. It's super tall (note the swing sets in the background) and I worried the kids would trip and fall right off the back.
They LOVED it. They went down this slide over and over for at least an hour, which surprised me, I thought they would be more apprehensive. 
So, to summarize, Clifford=demon dog, but giant, actually dangerous slide=rip-roaring good time.

I had to stand at the bottom of this monstrosity and catch the kids, otherwise they did the land-on-your-feet-and-then-the-momentum-knocks-you-onto-your-hands-and-you-get-all-scraped-up thing.
Jason was excited every time and kicked me in the knees quite a few times sliding down. Then he'd run around and climb right back up.
Brandon was funny because every time I caught him, he'd cheer me on. "Mom! You catch me!" I'd say, "Yep, buddy, I sure will!" Then he'd laugh and skip off to get in line to go down again. 
They took great naps after the park day. 
As for Brett and myself?
Brett is keeping busy. He's recently gotten interested in getting our 72-hour kids and food storage more up to date. And by "up to date" I mean "actually get some." We found some backpacks on clearance for $7 and got us all one. We were both excited about that because they were 1) for the 72 hour kits and 2) CHEAP. 
He also has been playing soccer on the weekends with some people from the ward. His soccer cleats have not been seeing enough use. He ran around in them for about 10 minutes and the entire sole came off. Probably time to get some new ones.
I was released as the Relief Society Secretary this morning. I was also put in as the Relief Society Secretary this morning. For about 30 seconds I didn't have a calling! :) I'm happy with it, actually, if I had to turn over my binder I'd have to explain my notes to someone else, who would in turn think I'm disorganized and a bit nutty. Actually, both of those are true, now that I think about it...
This week should be good (knock on wood!). Brandon is sleeping, which means his Mom isn't a grouch. Jason has a chance to run off his energy and dig in the dirt to his heart's content. If we could get Brett some new pillows, we'd be set! 


  1. Tell Brett we got some new pillows at Sams Club about a month ago and they are amazing. I would be happy to pick him up some next time...he might want to come test drive ours to make sure just in case as he sounds particular about his pillows!

  2. Oh, so many laughing out loud moments. Bless your heart. I was particularly ornery today after putting the kids to bed. Thanks!! I'm going to go look at prices of plane tickets to Michigan now.