Sunday, May 5, 2013

Watching the Grass Grow

I'd like to report that Brandon's binki withdrawls are over and he's doing just great without his precious Binki-bink! Well, I'd like to report that, but it's not the case... because I haven't taken the thing away from him yet. I read a bunch of different blogs and they all recommended marking the date on the calendar and giving the child tons of warning time, so no-binki day wouldn't come as a shock, and I hadn't done that. I'd say that was the biggest factor in putting it off until this week, but mostly it was just a long week and Brett and I really wanted to sleep this last weekend! But this week, no more excuses! The thing has gotta go.
So, onto an entirely different subject. Last week we watched grass grow. Literally. And I think I appreciated it more than the boys did.
We went to a story time a couple weeks ago, we read a story about plants and made some little grass-head guys that I thought were fun. This was the only crafty thing Jason has ever enjoyed making...pretty sure he liked it because there was dirt involved.
Here's the example:

And here's our version:

Nailed it!

Let's just ignore the fact that they look like the splotchy, struck-by-lightning cousins of the example grass-people, ours were made with LOVE! Plus, hey, I did give that guy a tie, so that's something. The grass is starting to grow in between their eyes and that's a little creepy, so we may have to give them a trim (a mow?) soon.
Yesterday we met up with Brett's cousin, her family and some aunts and uncles to look at some more plant life. Tulips, specifically. Have you ever heard of Holland, Michigan? I hadn't either, but they have a tulip festival every year, and that is where we had lunch with some family. 
The festival was really fun, it reminded me a lot of Logan's Summerfest that they have every year. There were lots of booths with crafts and artwork set up, and let's not forget the food! Fairs have some tasty, tasty food. Jason was starving from the time we got out of the car, something tells me that had something to do with the fact that we parked right next to the food carts, but that's just a hunch. 
Holland has more than 6 million (MILLION!) tulips in the parks and streets of this little town, and many of them were in bloom. 

There were so many different varieties! Brett got to listen to me say, "Wait! I haven't taken a picture of these ones!" At least 15 different times. I married a patient man. :)
There were Dutch dancers in the streets, complete with wooden shoes, every hour on the hour:

Something that I thought was funny was there weren't any men dancing, just women dressed as men. At first I wondered if there just weren't enough guys to make an even match, but as I continued to watch them I saw there weren't any at all. 
It was hard to see over the crowd, so we put the kids on our shoulders. (Probably didn't help much to be on mine, but I stuck Brandon up there anyway.)

Jason has been picking me tulips from the yard and bringing them to me, so I thought he would enjoy this festival. The part he really liked though? The fountain.

They did run off a bunch of energy and sleep the whole way home, so that was nice. We also discovered that sunscreen doesn't work if you bring it but forget to put it on. (Fancy that!) The kids were actually fine, we had hats and stuff for them, but Brett and I came back sporting some nice burn lines. Ouch!
All in all it  was a good week and we're looking forward to watching out grass-guys grow some more! 


  1. I love when I laugh right out loud at a blog. I did this tonight while reading your blog. You're just so funny!!! Post something again tomorrow :) I loved the grass men especially. Jason just made one kind of like that in preschool (but it was the lorax) and I'm SOO surprised at how fast the grass grows!

    I'll expect another funny post tomorrow, then :) Love you!

  2. It is so cute when your projects turn out less glamorous than the examples. I love those projects the most! It was a really neat fountain... :)