Tuesday, June 18, 2013

AF Canyon Half Marathon

We just got back from our vacation to Utah and there will be more on that to come, but I wanted to blog about my race before I forget too many details, so if you're visiting strictly to see pictures of our adorable children...you might want to visit another day. This post is all  mostly about me. Narcissus would be proud.

Once upon a time, I was chatting with my older sister Kim and threw out the idea of us running a half marathon together. A few weeks later, we signed up and started training, and then decided to wear matching outfits for race day. It was so much fun the first time we decided to make it a yearly tradition. So this was our 2nd Annual Matching Outfit Race. (That's not really the name, I just made that up because I don't know what to call this tradition, but after 2 years, it's officially a tradition.)
We looked up lots and lots of races in both our states and decided it would be easier for both of us to come to Utah because that's where our parents are, there are races most every Saturday, and the best part is many of those races take place in canyons, which means DOWNHILL running! Holla! Amazing.
We registered and trained and got matching outfits again and waited anxiously for race day. I really like race days. It's a nice perk to have random people cheering you on and other people handing you water and Gatorade every few miles, but there's a dark and terrible downside: early rising. My alarm went off at 3:45 A.M. *Shudder* I went to bed late and was nervous, so it took awhile to fall asleep and then Brandon woke up when I was just drifting off and screamed at me for no reason for awhile. It wasn't a lot of sleep.
Kim will often tell me how I was super perky in the mornings when we were younger and she was getting ready for school, and it bugged her. This was not one of those mornings. Everything was annoying to me. The crowds. The fact that it was freezing cold in the morning. The peppy people ushering everyone onto the buses that would take us up the canyon. Some guy talking about how he had trained so much his toenail fell off.  After about an hour I was sufficiently woken up and had eaten my banana, making me less cranky and I remembered that I signed up for this so I might as well enjoy it.
We took some pictures at the start line.

People often ask if we will be running the race together. Ha! Nope. Kim is much, MUCH faster than me. (Seriously. So fast. She finished in 1:40!) Plus she hates to talk to people while she's running, so I say goodbye to her at the start line and hope she's not bored to death waiting around for me by the time I mosey in to the finish. It's nice knowing that I have someone waiting for me at the end or I'd probably find a road and try and hitchhike my way home. :)
I really enjoyed this race, I thought the course was awesome and wonderfully downhill. And the lack of humidity??? SO NICE. Running out here in Michigan can be like running in a sauna.
It was a long time to be alone with my thoughts, but to sum it up, it was something like this:
Miles 1-3: Wow, they weren't kidding about the downhill. I'm going way too fast, but it doesn't feel too hard,  should I go slower? I'll just see how it feels later.
Miles5-7: Man, I really have to pee. What an inappropriate time for "I can't fight this feeling anymore" to be playing on the iPod. Who put this song on here anyway? What a slow song to run to. I'm making such good time though that if there's a line at the porta potties, I'm going to just keep running past.
Miles 7-10: Ah man, awesome fast downhill gone, just gradual downhill now. And a few short hills. And a boring golf course. Why do people pass out cowbells at races? Do we look like cows? Oh hey, there's Brett and Sam with Kim's girls! Hi guys!
Miles 10-11: Almost done, almost done, almost done. Where the heck were all the Gu's and Chomps they said they'd be passing out every few miles??? I sure didn't see any.
Miles 12-13: Oh here's the Gu. Yes, this is very helpful to me NOW. Whatever, I'll eat it anyway. Last mile. So tired. Almost done. Why do people run marathons?!??! Are they insane???
Last .1: WAHOO!!! All done. I want to die a little.
It was an overall good time. I'm totally looking forward to next year. Brett was able to come spectate this year, so it was nice to be looking forward to when I'd get to see him. I asked him to make a sign, just something funny like, "Worst Parade Ever," but he and my brother-in-law, Sam, who is amazing with graphic design and computers, took the idea and ran with it.
 This was our sign:

Is that not the most horrifically awesome thing you've ever seen?!? We're zombies! (This is what I looked like just after having children, by the way, but fatter.)  It's hard to read in this picture, but it says, "Consider this Zombie Apocalypse Training." We got so many comments on this poster! Thanks, Sam!

Kim's little girls made some posters that I loved as well.
The one on the left says, "Go Mom and Ant Amanda. "  Love it!
We wandered around for a little while and took some more pictures. Which I'm going to make you look at now. Because it's my blog post and I can do that! Muh ha ha!

Don't we look so much alike??? I'm the one on the left. :)
(I'll never get sick of that joke. Never!)

Brett and Sam took Kim's kids, my kids, and Sam's kids all out to breakfast while we were wandering and missing out on the french toast that was served to the runners. (Seriously. They ran out. Boo.) Kim said she thought she had a blister and when we got home, it was more like she'd grown an extra toe:

What the heck? My sister is speedy and tough! I don't think I'd keep running if my toes looked like that, it looks really painful.
A few days later, and I'm still a little sore. Mostly in muscles that don't see consistent downhill use, but overall it's not too bad. Jason asked my Mom where I was when he woke up, she told him I was running a race. I guess he was really excited that I'd get a medal. He watched Wreck it Ralph on the plane ride out, which may have something to do with it. :) 
In a few days, I'll have to play catch up on all the fun things we did while we were in Utah! 


  1. I love you and think you're so funny. Maybe I should just copy and paste your stuff to my blog...changing the names so it seems like I'm writing it :)

    Also, I'm sorry I'm a jerk and don't run with you. I just can't help it. She screams at me. :) No one else will understand, that's why it's great.

    I love our tradition and I love our outfits. I was sad we forgot to get dressed and take a picture of us holding a picture of last year. Next year we'll hold a picture of both pictures...

    You're the greatest!

  2. Congrats on the race finishing! I...well, I walked up and down the block today with Natalie riding her tricycle.