Monday, June 24, 2013

Our Utah Vacation: Logan

You know how they say a picture is worth 1000 words? Well, I'm going to use that to my advantage today because I had planned on blogging while the kids were napping, yes kids, as in both of them. Occasionally I make Jason nap if they went to bed too late, which was the case last night. But alas, after an hour plus of them wandering out of their rooms and telling me how they just aren't tired I've given up on making them nap today. (Also, on everything I was supposed to get done today. *Yawn* So tired.)

We flew out to Utah on June 7th. We chose a smaller airport rather than Chicago this go-round, and it was a little closer, so I wasn't too concerned that we got there a tiny bit late. Seriously, we were 10 minutes later than our guess-timated arrival time. They wouldn't check our carseats because we were 5 minutes past the window they would accept checked luggage, so we got to haul a ton of stuff through security. They scanned it all and found something "suspicious" on one of the carseats, so naturally, they felt the need to look at the carseat for another 10 minutes. Our gate was literally right in front of security, and I could see the plane boarding and was getting impatient. Then TSA decided I needed to be patted down since I brought the carseat. It wasn't horrible, like a massage...while standing...from someone wearing public...ok it was kind of horrible. The kids looked really confused.
Eventually we made it onto the plane, just barely before they closed the doors. The flights were pretty uneventful. The kids were pretty good, when the pilot came on to tell us our arrival time Jason asked Brett, "Did the gentleman say we can take off our seatbelts now?" Brett and I both looked at each other and mouthed "gentleman?" I have no idea where that came from, but hey, he's using it correctly!

Same flight, different electronic device. We don't mess around on planes.  Options are crucial.

Once we landed in Salt Lake and got all our stuff, we headed up to Logan to spend some time with Brett's family. On the way, we stopped by Scott & Ashley's new house, which was lovely, but I didn't take any pictures of, oops, and then we stopped by Scott's work and enrolled the kids in Monster's University. These ID pics are totally legitimate. (or "totes legit," if you are using cooler, younger shorthand. When did I get old???) 

We went to Free Fishing Day, but didn't catch anything. The boys had fun casting though. We also did our required must-do-while-in-Logan things, like getting Aggie Ice Cream, and boating:

They love Deborah & Clay, they do, but they do NOT love having their picture taken!

My kids were more interested in digging in the sand than boating. Going on the tube actually terrifies them. I have a theory behind that. This is how Brett and his siblings go tubing:

Deborah, Brett, and Clay

Some standing, naturally using your little sister as an anchor

Run into the other person

Abandon your tube for theirs

Try and push them off the smaller tube. 

Then Brett asks the kids if they want to go and looks all confused when they freak out and cry. After a LOT of coaxing, and maybe a little threatening, we did get them to take the world's shortest, slowest ride on the tube:

Jason was exhausted by his ride, and promptly fell asleep on the way home.

We also checked out Willow Park Zoo. They boys love animals and have been asking to go to a zoo. 

They were excited to be there. Promise. 

They really liked the turtles and the fish.

We also went on a canoe in 1st Dam, but I didn't take any pictures. Deborah? Send me some of those, eh? The boys liked that part, and Brandon wanted to throw rocks into the water the entire time. Well, scratch that, rock, as in singular. He was very attached to one particular rock. He'd throw it, go get it, come back to shore, and throw it again. :)

We had a really good time in Logan! Now we just need Brett's family to come visit us! How about it guys??? Guys? (crickets chirping) Guys? 


  1. I love this. It's totes legit. :) See?!! You are SOOO funny! And your kids are already hilarious. "Gentleman"? One rock? Awesome.