Wednesday, July 10, 2013


On Monday we went to the library. Jason wanted to check out a dinosaur book and a movie that he's checked out before, but both were out. I told him that another kid had borrowed it, because we had our turn with them so now it was time for another kid to have a turn. He seemed ok with this answer and we played with the trains, we checked out books and headed home.
On our way home, he had a lot more to say about it.
"Mommy, there's a kid who takes my books from the library."
"It's probably not just one kid, the library is there for lots of people to use."
"No, it's one kid. And he's really naughty. He even kicks, and pushes, and hits! He takes all my books. His name is....MEAN Kid...."
"Yeah? His name is Mean Kid?"
"Yeah, his name is Bam. And he is very naughty. He takes all my stuff."

I think he has quite the imagination. :) And he said all this so matter-of-factly, like I had told this to him and he was just repeating the facts back to me. That's been his thing the last few days. He's been telling all kinds of people about Bam. And then I have to explain that Bam is a fictitious character he created to explain why the books he likes aren't always available at the library. :)

Today he woke up and said he wasn't feeling very well. He was doing lots of  fake coughing. Thankfully he's still young enough that his lies are pretty easy to decipher.
 "Mommy *cough, cough* I don't think I should go to church today *cough cough*"
"It's not Sunday, little Dude. It's not a church day."
"Well if you're not feeling very good, I guess we can't go to the kid's museum like we were planning. Too bad."
"WELL, I'm not sick YET...I'll be sick Sunday!"
*Skips off*

In other news, Brandon bonked his head today on the table and got a small gash. It wasn't large enough to need stitches, but it looked deep enough that it might need something, so I called the doc to see if she could look at it. We were able to get in and I dragged the kids down there. She said that he would only need one stitch, if any, and would have glued it if she had any there. She thought a steri strip on it would do the trick. So we went for that. He ripped the steri strip off within minutes of getting home. I put it back on a few times, and then gave up and took him to a walk in clinic to get it glued shut, since it's right above his eye I didn't want it to scar.
The clinic doctor did a good job with the glue, I think, but it still may scar. It was quite the time lapse between injury and when he actually got it glued. Brandon was a champ. He thought it was hilarious to say "stethoscope" but pronounce it "stetho-bonk." Then he'd say, "Mom! Say 'Brandon, say stethoscope.'"
"Ok, Brandon say stethoscope"
"Stetho-BONK!" (laughs maniacally)
This went on for awhile.
Two doctors... for one injury... in one day.
I'm exhausted.

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