Sunday, July 21, 2013

Business Trips

For the last two weeks Brett has been away on a business trip. When we were in Utah, he would go on trips on a pretty regular basis, but this time was going to be different. All the other times he left, we were able to leave as well. We spent lots of time visiting my siblings or my parents, everyone was just a drive away.
This time, it was just me...and the children...alone...for two weeks.
The last time Brett was gone for this long was in 2011, when he went to Japan. He was there for the tsunami, although thankfully out of reach of all the death and destruction that occurred. Also, Brandon was tiny and waking up every hour, and Jason got really sick and was coughing and throwing up all night.
That didn't bode well for what would become of this trip. Bad things happen when Brett leaves.
While he was gone, the kids:
-locked me out of the house with armfulls of groceries (it was one of those "I refuse to make multiple trips so I'll just line my arms with 50 pounds of bags" trips)
-Brandon got a gash that required two trips to the doc to get closed up
-A few days later he woke up gasping for air around midnight. He's had croup before, so I could tell that's what he had, but we didn't have a filter for our humidifier to help him breathe. The only place we can get filters for our humidifier is at Wal-Mart, which is in a not-great part of town. No way I was dragging my kids there in the middle of the night. I called a neighbor who has teenage sons and was therefore awake, she ran me over a humidifier. Bless her.
-Brandon took to waking up every few hours during the night. Just for fun. Or insisting on sleeping where he could see me.
-We stayed home from church since Brandon was sick, causing Jason to be convinced that he too was sick. So whenever we went somewhere he'd cough and tell people he was very sick, making me look like Mom of the Year. :)
-Jason cut his own hair. At the exact same moment when I was telling my friend how excited he was that I finally bought him special kid scissors and was so careful with them. Not kidding, I told her that and he walked in the kitchen with a chunk of hair missing.
-Jason had to get a haircut. He hates haircuts and I hate cutting his hair. It's a lose-lose situation.

We don't have many pictures from the last couple of weeks. Our camera is broken so I only used the camera on my phone.
Here's why we don't race around the table.

Sleeping on his makeshift bed after a long night of croup

Don't be fooled by that innocent look! He cuts his own hair.

"Stop taking pictures, MOMMY!"

After practically shaving him bald. 

Aside from the exceptional amount of bad, there was also a lot of things I really enjoyed. After a few days of trying to get everything done and feeling the need to be supermom, we chilled out. We had to since Brandon was sick. Jason was starting to get restless and I could tell he was misbehaving because he was bored and I wasn't giving him enough attention.
I opted to take them to the beach one day. Brandon was still pretty gunky so we didn't invite any little friends. It turned out to be such a great day. We played in the sand, we searched for treasures in the water with a new little sand filter toy, we built sandcastles. We all had a great time and they were cooperative when I put them to bed after a long day of play.
I had a few friends take pity on me and invite us for dinner. I was so great to have some adult conversation to break up the days!
A few days later, I found Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs at Target. We have been looking for that for quite a long time, and it was just THERE, misplaced in totally the wrong aisle, like it was waiting for me. So we bought it and some candies and had a special movie night. The boys had a good time, and I ended up eating all their s'mores. Who doesn't like s'mores?!? Crazy.
Brett got home after the boys were in bed, so I told Jason that Daddy would be home, but he would have to wait until in the morning to see him. Jason woke up early yesterday and came into our room and whispered to me, "Mommy...I'm SO EXCITED that Daddy's home!" Terribly adorable.

While we were home playing at the beach and going for the "what else can go wrong?" record, Brett was off doing things like this:

Visiting Hershey, PA


Spending a couple days in NYC

He was also working. A lot. Like 12 hour days a lot. I would get calls around 9 or 10 and he would say that he was just finding a place for dinner. Oddly enough, he didn't take pictures of all the working he did, so it just looks like he went on a vacation without me. :)

People asked me if I was sad he was going to NYC without me. Nope. New York is just not a place I've ever wanted to go. I think it'd be cool to go see, but I'm not anxiously planning a trip or anything. It's not even on my list of "I really want to see this place before I die." 
What's on that list, you ask? 
1. Italy
2. Anywhere else off the continental U.S. that has clean water and good food.

While he was gone, he decided to forgo shaving and see how his beard would look. I've never actually seen him with a beard. I've always told him when he stops shaving his face is when I will stop shaving my legs and we can both be grossed out. 
Well, it looks like this:
Here's what he'd look like homeless
I made him shave about 10 minutes after he got home. :)
Hairy or clean shaven, we were very glad to have him home safely. 
And if he ever goes out of town like this again, I will probably make the kids wear hockey gear 24/7 and stock up on filters of our humidifier. 
Just to be safe.


  1. New York City is dumb. The rest of New York State--wonderful. You didn't miss anything. Brett looks RUGGED, now homeless. It's awesome. Just come visit me next time. Seriously.

  2. I'm amazed (and thankful) every time I see children banged up right next to their eyes--but their actual eye is spared. I'm sure Brett was thinking those places were cool but he'd have much rather been sharing them with you.