Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our Utah Vacation: Orem

Poor little blog. I haven't been paying much attention to you. Don't worry, that's about to change! But not really, because I have a bunch of stuff to do, but maybe I'll try and feel bad about not blogging? Yes, we'll shoot for that.
So anyway, I wanted to update the old stuff before I move onto the new stuff, which is part of the reason why I've been putting off blogging, so much to catch up on that I don't want to start.This blog will be about our time in Orem.

While we were in Orem, we had a great time swimming at 7 Peaks and eating at Pizza Pie Cafe. The boys had a great time playing in the backyard with Grandpa and cousins. My sister and I ran a race, which you can read about a few posts back.
My other sister Saralyn and her family were there as well and I was able to meet my new baby nephew Jacob. He has the cutest, chubby little legs I've ever seen. He's adorable and I could snuggle him all day long! I'm a total slacker and didn't get a single picture of Jacob while I was there. :( I even tried to copy one off Saralyn's blog, but the computer isn't working we to paste. Alas, here we are. No pictoral evidence of Jacob. Saralyn! E-mail me a picture please!
While we were there my niece Ashley had a birthday. Kim let us tag along with her to Build a Bear, which was supposed to be a surprise, but Jason spilled the beans rather loudly. Oops.
Kim's girls were really cute. Ashley was SO excited about her bear!

The boys were equally excited about their puppies. Brandon picked out a dog (big shocker, he loves dogs) and Jason wanted one too, so they got identical dogs. 
Build a Bear is just like the name implies, you build your bear (or dog, in our case). They come as these little floppy animal shell things and the employees help you fill it with stuffing. Brandon hated this part. He didn't want to let go of his little sack of a dog even to fill it up and make it snuggly! So the worker let him hold onto it for most of the time, even while stitching up the back. He named it "Brown." I tried to get other names.
Brownie? Cookie? (I think dogs need dessert names, I guess) but he wouldn't go for it. Brown. Jason, on the other hand, liked the Build a Bear thing and named his dog Daddy Puppy. We had to put a J and a B on the dogs' tags so we can tell which dog belongs to which boy. 

Stitching it up, note how I had to hold his hands out of the way

Giving the animals a bath

After Build a Bear we went for ice cream. I love the looks on Kim's girls' faces. That's pure joy, right there. It's how I feel when I eat ice cream too. :) That feeling never goes away! 

While we were there, we got to spend one night with my high school friends. I love that every time I get together with these girls it's like being 17 again. In a good way, not in a backbiting, "I don't know who my real friends are" kinda way.They're amazing.  

Jason went to his very first day of preschool. He went with Saralyn's daughter and just for the day. He had a great time and learned about holidays.

We used our Utah Valley Pass of all Passes to go mini golfing. It was so hot. And it was after my race so I was so tired. Naturally the kids would want to run all over the place and laugh when I gimp along after them...

They loved playing golf though. Brandon preferred to kick it, and he was doing pretty darn well, so we went ahead and let him!

We also went to a Summerfest parade. A lady sat behind us and made passive-aggressive remarks about how people (us) shouldn't sit right down in front of others (them) and take up the whole sidewalk. (Even where there is a giant open, unmarked in any way spot.) 

They threw lots of candy at this parade. We ate it on the plane ride home. And for the week after we arrived home. It helped break the ice with people who had to sit next to us, "I'm sorry my son is crying, I really am. Can I offer you a taffy?"
The flight home was long. Oh so long. We had quite the delay in Denver and Jason was sobbing when he found out this was a two plane trip instead of a one plane trip. He was quite insistent our car was parked at the Denver airport and we wouldn't have to get on another plane. 
Both Brett and I had massive headaches by the time we got home and jet lag was horrible for about a week, but we managed. 
Now we just need to have all these people come to us so I can blog about that!
Eh? Eh???

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  1. I wanted to tell those people, "Let me introduce you to Sun City, AZ not Family City USA."