Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bikes on the Brain

Does anyone else ever have to double-check when they spell brain to make sure it's not Brian? I'm always swapping those two.
Anyway. Lately Jason has been pretty excited about bike-riding. When he was about 18 months old Brett and I found a little bike with training wheels at the D.I. for $8, so we bought it thinking we would pull it out when he started wanting to ride a bike. Then we waited, and waited and waited...he just never got excited. It was more like, "No thanks, I'll do that when I'm older. Like 30." A few weeks ago we got his bike out and tried to get him excited about the prospect of riding a bike.
I think Jason is a lot like me in personality. We are both highly suspicious of things that are new and could possibly cause us injury. Bikes totally qualify. So does all athletic equipment, although that's just me, Jason likes sports.
His first bike riding trip was a loooong one. There was lots of complaining. Jason is STUBBORN. He has to decide for himself he wants to do something before he'll do it. Then on Monday, we were at the park with some ward friends and one of his little friends got her bike out as we were leaving. He saw her riding it around a little path in the park and TA DA! the next day he asked me if he could go for a bike ride with her. I invited her over and they went on a little ride down the street, it went SO much better. Now he likes to ride his little bike everywhere and isn't begging me to push him, but rather begging me to let go so he can go fast.

His bike is actually too small for him. We waited so long for him to start wanting to ride it that he's mostly outgrown it! His birthday is coming up so we are thinking about getting him a bigger one. Which means I've been on a bike hunt. Whenever I look for something slightly pricey that has more than two options, my brain goes into overdrive and suddenly I have to exhaust every known avenue before I can make a decision. It's super annoying!
We went to a toy store to have him test ride a few bikes and check on sizing. I saw Brandon wander an aisle over and could hear him singing, so I followed after him and he was singing, "I'm riding a motorcycle! I'm riding on a motorcycle!" over and over again. He's so funny!

The weather has been nice the last few evenings, so we've been taking trips to the beach after dinner. 

They never tire of throwing rocks in the lake. Never!

Whenever we take pics like this, I have to stand on something so reach. True story.

This week should involve more of the same, bike rides and beach walks. I really do like long walks on the beach. There's a reason that's a cheesy line, they're amazing! And relaxing. I'm shocked at how fast the summer has gone by. It seems like it just started! I'm not ready for it to end! 

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  1. Why no picture of the dinosaur bike? It's AWESOME. Did you buy it? Or has he decided he likes something else?