Sunday, August 18, 2013


I'm going to make this post short because I want to watch Harry Potter with Brett more than I want to blog.
We had some people over for dinner tonight, and I wanted to do something fancy. By "fancy" I mean "make food I don't usually make because it's takes too long." Case in point: rolls. I love homemade rolls, I do not love that they take 3+ hours to make. But Jason's been asking for some all day because he wanted to "have a feast!" when we got home. I'm not sure where the term feast came in, but when I asked him what a feast meant he said, "It's when we have a lot a lot of food that's really yummy!" The boy knows what he's talking about when it comes to food.
I've messed these rolls up before, so I was trying to focus on the recipe and make sure I got everything right, and it was taking awhile. Dumb delicious rolls and their time-consuming abilities! Jason came into the kitchen looking guilty with a small red cap. I knew instantly it was from a mustard seed spice bottle, he's always sneaking that one out of the drawer for some reason. And today I figured out why.
See, Jason's favorite animal is a duck. He has lots of little stuffed animal ducks that he sleeps with along with a little red bird he got from Santa last year. While I was busy making rolls, he grabbed the mustard seeds and he and Brandon fed his birdies. On his bed. He's been trying to grab the mustard seeds to feed his birds. Because what else would you do in a situation like that?

Further proof that quiet children are children that are up to no good! To Jason's credit though, he knew he wasn't supposed to be playing with those, and he spent half an hour picking up every last one of those tiny seeds with his little fingers, and he didn't even complain about it! This is shocking coming from the child who, when I tell him to pick up the basement, will run screaming back up the stairs after he sees the mess.
Brandon helped quite a bit as well with the cleanup. Then later, when I thought he was downstairs playing with Jason, I found him in the shower pumping out all of my conditioner. He smelled strongly of Pantene all night. :) 
No more fancy food for us!

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