Sunday, August 4, 2013

Chartreuse and Aquamarine

I've lost my mind a few times in the last week. On Thursday, for some reason I decided I could no longer stand how dirty the grout was in my kitchen, so I created a paste from baking soda and hydrogen peroxide (Thanks, Pinterest!) and scrubbed it to death with a toothbrush. Our kitchen isn't very large, but still, that was a lot of scrubbing! It took 3 hours and two toothbrushes and lots of rags. It looks so much cleaner though! Mostly back to it's natural tan color instead of the lovely dark brown that it was.
The boys spent their time "cleaning" the tub. I have a little dish wand in there that has some soap and vinegar in the handle to clean the glass door (again, Pinterest) and they loved that I was letting them help me clean the house. :) I gave Jason a toothbrush and a cup of water and he was very helpful in rinsing the tile.
They also watched a Blues Clues movie last week that taught them about some colors. There's all these little dancing drops that are different colors, and then the yellow drop will superimpose onto the blue drop and TA DA! Now it's a green drop! Things like that. For some reason, after creepy Blues Clues guy made all the usual colors, he introduces the kids to chartreuse and aquamarine. I don't even know what you mix together to make those colors. He's been pointing out all kinds of things that are chartreuse and aquamarine.
This leads me to the other time I lost my mind.
We were babysitting some little girls yesterday and I decided to make sugar cookies. Twice the amount of children? Yes, yes this does sound like the perfect time to make the world's most labor-intensive cookie. Dinner ended up being later than I planned, and we got a giant, tasty ice-cream cake as a babysitting thank you (boo YAH! I will watch these kids ANY TIME! :) ) so I didn't bake the cookies until today.
Confession: I used the baking of cookies as a bribe  an incentive for Jason to take a nap today because I wanted to take a nap, too. He was sitting in bed screaming, "I don't wanna take a NAP! I HATE NAPS!!!" so I went in and told him we'd make special cookies after his nap, but he had to take a little rest. "Oh, ok, Mom!"
We made the cookies after dinner tonight, and Jason asked if we could make the frosting, ready for this? Chartreuse and aquamarine. Then he wanted to add sprinkles. For some reason I don't remember, we actually have neon food coloring and I could make the colors, or at least what I think are those colors, so we mixed up a couple bowls of frosting. And then he wanted to see how food coloring works, so I showed him with pink. The result?

Upside down hearts always look like little bums to me. You'll never look at hearts the same way now.

Brett walked by and said, "Do you think we could have made these cookies any girlier?" Um...probably not. It's what happens when all you have is a giant multi-pack of Valentine's day sprinkles and you bake them in a heart shape because that's the only cookie cutter you can find. I'm all about the practicality today. 
The boys had a great time decorating the cookies. They loved putting on their own sprinkles. A LOT. They dumped spoonfulls onto one little cookie.

I remember being bothered when my Mom would say sugar cookies took too much time to make more than a couple times a year. "But Mom, it's so fun to decorate all these cookies!" No, no it isn't. I have started to loathe making sugar cookies because they take so freaking long! By the time we get to decorating them, I'm so sick of them that I want to pitch them all in the garbage. But I don't. 
It seems the older I get, the more I realize how often my Mom was right. 
Can't wait for this to happen to my kids when they realize that naps are actually a glorious thing, not torture. 


  1. You are the best mom ever. One day I will let my kids help me make sugar cookies. One day when I have time...hahahaha. It's true, they take forever. But good moms take the time out of their busy day to make cookies with their kids. Chartreuse and Aquamarine cookies.

  2. We have that Blues Clues episode! And I too learned about those colors. You are a fun mom and I like reading your blog. And I love naps too.