Monday, September 2, 2013


This last weekend we decided to go wander around Chicago while it was still naturally it rained the first few hours while we were there. :) We persevered and wandered around in the rain anyway! We went and saw the bean, which is really more exciting than it sounds. See?

It's huge. And seamless, as far as I can tell. It's kind of amazing, I can't figure out how it got there, but it reminds me of that terminator movie with the liquid metal guy. 
You can walk underneath it and see your reflection from all kinds of different angles. 

And here's our family pic:

After the bean (it has a more formal  name, I'm sure, but frankly I don't want to look it up) we went to the Millennium Park fountain. (Which also has a more formal name, but again, so lazy tonight.)

Don't these look like giant horse dragons? With fins?

After that we decided to take a nice long walk to a doughnut place that we'd heard was awesome. So we walked and walked and then we found the doughnut place. We also found out that it was one of those places who closes when they sell out. And they were sold out. Jason was pretty sad, "But Mom! I wanted a doughnut the size of my faaaace!" If it wasn't so sad it would've been funny. Ok, it was still a little funny. :) Eventually we settled on a doughnut from 7-11. Because we were starving and it was close and had doughnuts. Someday we will go back and get real food, but it worked to keep the kids happy!
Brandon opted to eat the chocolate off one bite at a time.

Jason dug right in. That thing was gone in about a minute.

Former Sears Tower. Currently the John Hancock Building. This was the site we bothered to find out the correct name. 

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Hey look! It's our last name! Yes, yes that is amazing. Brett's great-grandfather emigrated from Switzerland, but Teuscher there is fairly common, so it's unlikely we're related. If we were, we wouldn't be driving my '96 Nissan from college. :) I'm always tempted to show them my driver's license and ask for a discount.

Last, but not least, I wanted to include this picture because I think it's sweet. Jason's favorite shirt is this blue striped one. He hides it from me when it's time to put it in the laundry. He asks to sleep in it. Then he asks to wear it again the next day. One day Brett was putting up laundry and Jason saw that Brett also has a blue striped shirt. Jason asked Brett if he could wear his blue shirt as well so they'd both have blue shirts and match. He's a sweet little man.

We are really close to Chicago, and would love to go there with people who come to visit us (hint, hint!) I promise we will eat the good Chicago food next time. :)


  1. You need to text me when you post so I can be sure to ready it RIGHT AWAY :)

    This is the nicest 7-11 I have ever seen. Seriously. It has tables? Weird.

    Also, your children are adorable. Dang adorable. As are you.

  2. The Bean is called "the bean" as far as I know, as am I, minus the "the" :).
    The fountain is called "Buckingham Fountain"
    And I can't wait till I can finally come see you. It will happen one of these days, darnit. And we can go get donuts the size of our faces together!

    1. I can't wait until you can come see us either!!! I need to see the bean, and get a picture with my friend-bean next to statue-bean. :)