Thursday, September 19, 2013

One Year

This post is a lie, because really, we've been here for longer than one year, a whole month longer, but I'm the one writing it, soo I'll title it what I want, m'kay? :)

We are starting to feel like Michigan is more like home, which is weird and nice at the same time. The first few weeks we were here I'd find myself sobbing at random times because everything was so different and I was lost all the time and I didn't know anyone. Basically my first day of kindergarten all over again!

There are things I still miss about my home state- our families and friends top the list. I miss the mountains. The arid climate. I miss having other people dress like me (here, if you're in a shirt with sleeves and knee shorts, you're probably over the age of 40) and I miss the lack of smokers, especially in public places like the beach and restaurants. I miss WinCo and oh how I miss Cafe Rio. The nearest one is in D.C. So sad.

There are things I really enjoy a Michigan- I love our friends we have here, they're amazing! They have made Michigan livable. I love how many trees there are, I can see why the pioneers came from a place like this and probably thought Brigham Young was joking when he stopped in the middle of the desert and said this was the place. I would've said, "Really? Here? There's no trees!" which is probably why I was not born to be a pioneer. I love our proximity to Lake Michigan, it's like nothing I've ever seen before moving here, and it's stunning every time I see it. Miles and miles and miles of shoreline. I like the historical homes.

Here's some random observations of the Mitten State:

-If you tell someone you will probably move back to your home state, they'll inevitably tell you that was their plan, and now they've been here 15 years.
-There is a cemetery every 10 feet. That's only a small exaggeration. If the zombie apocalypse actually occurs like everyone on Pinterest is preparing for (eye roll) then we are screwed. There's at least 3 cemeteries within walking distance from our house.
-Humidity makes a HUGE difference in how hot it feels outside. You'll also sweat buckets and there's not a dang thing you can do about it. It's like being inside the bathroom after a steamy shower, except you live in it.
- Car insurance is more expensive here than in any other state, literally. Like 3x as much, which we discovered about 2 weeks after coming here. I cried the whole way home from the insurance agency wondering why we picked up and moved so we could spend an exorbitant amount of money on insurance. The sticker shock has worn off, but I'm still not happy about it.
-DOGS. Oh my there are dogs everywhere. And not dogs with a purpose, like guard dogs, hunting dogs, assistance dogs, but dumb-little rat dogs that people think are children. Those ones you can easily spot since they're either being carried in a purse, are dressed up for the annual costume contest at Halloween (no, no there's not one for the children, actually), or being pushed in a custom doggie stroller. (Sidenote: I saw a woman pushing her parrot, yes PARROT, in a stroller a few weeks ago. Brett made some joke about it having the power of flight and it has to be carted around. Later at the beach, I saw her again and nonchalantly tried to take a picture to show Brett. She caught me. Awkwardness ensued.)
-Football. People are very loyal to their collegiate teams here. There's lots of flags that will pop up on people's homes with their team's logo on it during game time.
-This area is called the Midwest. To those who believe this is the Midwest, please consult your nearest map. We are nowhere near the west! Or even the middle! I want to start a petition to call it the Top.
-The wind and snow here are not a force to be reckoned with. It's seriously cold and the lake effect here can dump feet of snow in a few hours.
-Michigan is a haven for fruit and berries. They have orchards everywhere and next summer I would like to eat my way through all of them.
-I LOVE rainstorms here!
-Remember all those trees I mentioned? Fall is AMAZING here! So many colors! So many leaves to crunch! I'm like a kid in a candy store when there's this many dry leaves. Love it!

All in all, as much as I miss Utah, which I really do, I'm glad we made the move here. It was a hard to change to make, one I totally underestimated the difficulty level on, but I know it was the right thing for us to do.
My favorite thing about coming here is that we have grown closer together as family. It's been fun to explore new places together.
I'm not exactly sure how long we will be here (10-15 years according to everyone we've talked to...) but we are having fun exploring the Midwest Top, and we are excited to see what else this area has to offer in this next year!


  1. I love this :) It sounds a lot like Philadelphia because of the humidity and trees. But that's where the similarities end. Word to the wise, crackers and all things crunchy in a box---go stale so quickly in the humidity. But maybe you've already figured that out. Also, things get moldy. Like perfectly dry baby carseats that you put in the basement for six months, then go to pull it out for the next baby and it's moldy. Gross. So you buy a new one. Anyway, it's surprising to me that you want to move BACK to Utah. Ever. Especially when you have a perfectly good double wide waiting for you here. Sigh.

  2. oh wait, there are lots of smokers and immodest people in Philadelphia, too. Not a whole lot of rat dogs, case you cared...which you probably don't :)