Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Week Where Stuff Actually Happened

Usually when I blog I think to myself, "Well sure, we've been busy, but is any of it blog worthy???" This week we actually had some things occur that made me feel quite confident that our week was a blog worthy week. And I have the pictures to prove it!

First off, Jason has officially started school. We took the obligatory first day of school pictures and then I told myself I wouldn't cry as I dropped him off. And I didn't! (Although I really wanted to) Brandon cried enough for both of us though, he was ticked that I'd take them somewhere and just leave without Jason. After I picked him back up though, they fought until bedtime, so I'm a little doubtful as to the sincerity of his crying...

Wearing his favorite blue shirt

It is so WEIRD to not have him at home! It's just odd, but I'm sure I'll get used to it right in time for summer when he'll be home again all day. The teacher sent home a note about what to do, what to expect, etc. and mentioned the kids need to leave all toys. So when he started bringing up toys from the basement to "show his teacher" I told him to leave them at home. When I checked his backpack after school, I noticed he had smuggled a wrench, a mini lunchbox, and about 6 cars in there. Rebels on the first day! 

This weekend, we celebrated Jason's birthday. I can't believe that my little man is 5! It doesn't seem like 5 years ago when we were taking pictures like this:

LOOK AT THAT HAIR! Look at it! He had the best baby faux-hawk. *Sigh* They really grow up way too fast!
Before I unveil his cake we did this year, a little bit of backstory. Jason loves construction, a lot. So for his 3rd birthday I made him this cake:

Totally copied the idea from the internet, lest you mistakenly think I'm creative.

He loved it. So much so that I couldn't get him to hold still next to his cake to get a picture. He was jumping and bouncing with joy.

Fast forward to his 4th birthday, and he asks for a cake just like his 3rd birthday. I wanted to expand his horizons a little more, and went with his second choice, which was planes. He only was mildly excited about it, but I thought if he could just see it, he'd really enjoy it. So I made him this cake:

Admittedly, not my best work. The scale is way off, the airport is ugly, I hoped he'd look past that and like the toy planes. Which he did, sort of. In my defense, we'd just moved here a few weeks prior and were still unpacking and getting settled in. Cakes were not exactly occupying my every thought. 
When we put him to bed on that birthday, I asked him if he had a good day, and he said he did. He said he liked his presents, and was so happy about his new ducky, but can he have his digger cake now? 
Lesson learned. 
Just let the boy pick his own cake for his birthday. 

This was the cake we did this year:

Again, totally copied from some image I looked up on Google. I thought it turned out pretty cute! I was worried it would look like a big pile of crap (literally), since that's often the risk you run with brown cakes. :) 

Jason was much more excited about this one. He looks like he has crazy eyes, but really, he's just at that stage where a good picture is hard to capture.  

We had a little party at a park and invited a few of his friends. They played around, ate some pudding cups, and had a good time. I'm not posting any pictures of the party with the other kids, I'm not sure what blog etiquette is when it comes to pictures of other people's children, so we will err on the cautious side. :) 

We gave him a bike for his birthday this year.

He loves it, even though this picture doesn't look like it. We put a bell on it, and already his favorite thing to do is go on the porch, ring the bell a few times and just sit on his bike until we can go ride it. Yesterday he really wanted to go for a ride, and we said in a few minutes. A few minutes turned into several more, and I realized he was being really quiet. I went looking for him, and found him sitting by his bike with his helmet on...just waiting. :)

I just love this little boy! He's sweet and kind and attracts little girls from all over. This actually kind of terrifies me, but what can I do? I think it's the eyelashes. Good grief that boy has crazy long, thick eyelashes! 
So far, he likes riding his bike, playing with cars, legos, blocks, paint (not crayons, just paint), and scissors. He likes to help me make cookies, and loves to rough house and wrestle with Dad. He loves books.
He hates eating most meats (chicken nuggets are acceptable, but do they really count as meat?), also hates getting eyelashes in his eye. He hates being pressured or forced into doing things he doesn't like, but will do it readily and quickly if it's his own idea. 

I'm so glad this brown haired, blue eyed little fella came into our lives and made us parents! 


  1. That IS blog worthy. As are all the other things you do every day, because you're funny. He did (does) have amazing hair. What a stud. Happy Birthday Jason!!

    PS I read your blog and COMMENT. Just saying. I guess if you didn't have anything nice to say, though... :)

  2. About my blog posts, that case that didn't make sense.

    1. I went...I read...I commented! Go, me! I'm on a roll today. :)

  3. Love his hair as a baby. That is awesome! Love all the birthday cakes :)