Sunday, October 13, 2013


Oh yes, that's right- we had VISITORS! Brett's parents and little brother made the trip out to come and visit us. The kiddos were SO excited! I marked the date on the calendar and Jason would ask me how many days until grandma and grandpa and Uncle Clay are coming, at least once a day...for about three weeks.

They flew into Chicago and got there late, so we met up with them the next day, after scoring some donuts from a recommended place, instead of 7-11 like the last time we went. These donuts were so so good, and they really were as big as Jason's face.
First stop was...

Sidenote: It was rainy while we were there, so I brought an extra pair of shoes in case my flats got wet, which they did. I threw the flats in the trunk and forgot about them. Found them yesterday, covered in mold. Eww...

Anyway, at Navy Pier we walked around and checked out the giant ferris wheel they have. We also visited a stained glass museum. Stained glass is more interesting than it I thought, especially after reading about where it originated from and the methods used to create these MASSIVE windows. Most of them were painstakingly done by hand. And then there was one that was supposedly modern of a bunch of glass lids welded onto another piece of glass. Round lids...with little nubs on the top. Reminded me of when I was 14 or 15 and was trying to be festive by adding little tops to rolls, I was going for pumpkins, but as my brother in law so kindly pointed out (while giggling) that it looked just like a boob, so did this glass. 

Anyway, enough of that...

We walked past this statue of some famous sportscaster and Brett wanted to have a chat with him.


Then we took them to The Bean. Because it's amazing and everyone needs to see a giant metal bean. 

We went to eat at Giordanno's after that, and ate some amazing deep-dish, Chicago-style pizza. It's so good. It's essentially a cheese pie, because they layer the cheese and toppings on the bottom and the sauce is on the top. We call it "upside-down pizza" for the kids so they'll eat it, and every night when Brandon says his prayers he blesses the giant metal bean and upside down pizza. He's got his priorities in order, I think.
We had to stop by our namesake chocolate shop. Brandon snuggled right up to Clay, which I thought was sweet. 
 Both of the boys love their Uncle Clay. I told them they had to hold someone's hand the whole time we were walking around, and they'd both choose Clay.
Once we made it back to our house late that night, we were all exhausted and the kids just crashed. They even slept in, which probably made it nice for our guests who were still adjusting to the time change. 
We celebrated Brandon's birthday, and it was nice to have family to celebrate this little man! 
 Uncle Scott and Aunt Ashley sent the boys some trucks that have a ramp you can drive a matching car onto, and oh my, they LOVE them. They played with those all morning.

I love this little blonde boy :)

Grandma is fun and will actually play with them.

We told Jason that Brandon probably didn't need help unwrapping his presents this year, but he felt the need to "help" a lot anyway, and Brandon was nice about it, since it meant getting to his presents faster. :)

This is a little book we got him that you can paint with water and pictures will appear. He saw a picture of a dog on the cover and said, "AWW! A puppy!!!"Then kissed it. 

For some reason I don't really know, Brandon loves bowling. We went bowling for his birthday, and I didn't take a single picture,  partially because I was trying to keep small children from smashing their fingers and toes, and partially because I hate bowling. Oddly enough, I won! I remember the last time I won at bowling, I can't even remember the last time I got a score over 60, but I won! Admittedly, we had bumpers, but I got strikes without those so I'm counting it as a victory. :)
Brandon and Jason loved going bowling, and I wish I had some pictures of them in their little bowling shoes. So cute.  
We had some friends over for cake and ice cream, they blessed us with some swords and another fireman hat so now both the kids can run around in a fireman hat with no pants. Yay!
Brandon wanted a bowling cake, and this is the best I could do. The pins are white tootsie rolls with a strip of red wrapped around them, and the ball is a jaw breaker. I thought it was pretty cute, since pins, a ball and a wooden lane are not really ingredients for adoreable-ness.

Brandon was excited about it, so that's all that matters. When we lit the candles and slid the cake toward him he backed away because he doesn't like fire, so I had to hold him. 

I just have to say, I love this little dude. He's hilarious, and adorable, and pretty fearless. He currently likes to pretend he's a kitty, which consists of him crawling around and saying, "Mom! I'm a kitty!" in a really squeaky voice. He likes to say prayers for meals, and I think only Brett and I can really understand them, but they're awesome. I love that he will run towards me with his arms outstretched and say "MOMMY!!!" 
It kills me that he's growing up so fast, because I don't think of him as much older than this. 

He's a sweet little boy, and I'm so glad he's part of our family. Jason loves him too, in spite of what this picture indicates. They didn't get off to a great start, Jason did NOT want to hold this noisy little thing that came home with us. :)

After Brandon's birthday, the next day we went to an apple orchard. That for some reason had dinosaur sculptures? I don't really understand the connection, but hey look! Dinosaurs!


Brett's parents & little bro

We watched them make the cider there, and brought some home with us. It was really good, and they also make apple cider donuts, which were also good. We drove down the street to this super fancy chocolate place that makes AMAZING truffles. Holy. Cow. They were so so so so so good! We bought some and saved them for after the kids were in bed. They had one that was infused with rosewater, which you'd think would taste weird, but NO, it was delightful!

Basically, we ate a lot of good food during this time. No regrets.

The last day they were here it was raining, but the boys wanted to show off their favorite rocky beach, which we call rocky beach because it's a beach...that's quite rocky...and we aren't creative with our names. Anywho, it was rainy and windy and the waves were crashing against the breakers.
Brett's Mom, Marilyn

We were sorry to see them leave, but we were glad they could come! We all had fun, and hopefully we showed that Michigan is a pretty cool place to visit. :)


  1. Let me reiterate: I love your blog. It's so funny! Thanks :) Also your kids are darling. LOVE THEM. I need to come visit. This food you speak of sounds delicious! Also because it would be great to see all of you...

  2. Very cute cake! Very cute kitty-man!