Sunday, December 22, 2013

Anxiously Awaiting Christmas

At least 20 times/day I hear something from the boys about Christmas- mostly how they are so excited and what kind of presents will they get. You could say they're a little anxious for the big day. I haven't been very good about keeping up with our traditions that we usually do, so this Christmas season feels a little off. We did get our Christmas tree, and although I was completely dreading it, this year I think the boys are old enough that they don't feel the need to kick the ornaments around every day, which has been a nice relief! When we decorated our tree, the boys put all the ornaments in one spot.

That blur you see in the corner is one of the kids. Yes, they move that fast. :) I've actually enjoyed having a tree this year! 

This post is kind of disjointed and random, partly because I have a headache, and partly because my pregnancy brain makes me forget everything.'s some random happenings.

1- In the middle of November we got a van. I was talking to my sister Kim about how I was dreading buying a van because it would throw off our debt snowball (a la Dave Ramsey) and she mentioned, "You know we just bought a suburban, right? We're looking to get rid of our van." She said she would give it to us for a ridiculously low price (Seriously, it was a STEAL of a deal. I should be in prison for grand theft auto!) So Brett and I talked it over (really more like jumped up and down and high-fived a lot) and decided that I'd fly out to her house and drive it back before the weather got too snowy. So that's what I did. It was a quick trip and I'm sure I was no fun since I was still pretty queasy all the time, but it was great to see Kim and her kiddos and check out their new house! The drive back by myself was fine, but long. Oh so long. The boys love the van. LOVE IT. Brandon gets mad if I say we need to get in the car, he'll cry and say, "No, Mommy, I wanna go in the VAAAAN!" Once I tell him that's what I meant, he instantly stops crying, "Oh, ok." We love having a van. It's amazing!

2- We sold our truck. This truck (I actually have pictures from it's for sale ad)
I was kind of sad to see it go. This was my first car, I've had it for almost 10 years! It wasn't really practical anymore, since our family is growing it helps to have two vehicles that can hold car seats.
3-Jason has been doing some fun things at school for Christmas. He goes to a preschool of another faith, so they talk about Christmas and Jesus a lot, which is nice. It's great that he hears from someone besides us that Christmas is not just about Santa and presents, but the birth of Christ. 
He and all the preschool children put on a Christmas program with the help of their teacher. It was super cute, like the primary program, but with a cross hanging in the background and with flash photography and clapping allowed. :) I was surprised to see him up there singing all these songs and parts when he hasn't mentioned anything about it at home! Afterwards there was a pizza party that both boys were thrilled about. I did take pictures, but they're on my phone. 

4- I got older. So much older. Last year on my birthday was the first time I found a gray hair, and I thought it was a rude trick of my hair to play on me. "Happy Birthday! Here's proof you're not as young as you think!" This year was the same, except instead of one hair, I found more like 12 and then got really mad. This is not a tradition I'm really enjoying! Brett was super sweet and got up early to go buy me flowers and make breakfast before the kids got up. When he got home I heard him unwrapping something, and then getting annoyed in the kitchen. Why? Because one of my roses was stapled together. 
 Nice, right?  :) It was obviously broken in half and then stapled back together. Brett even took it back to the florist and was told, "Oh no, we would never do that here." Really? Do you think this is some kind of scam we run? We bring this stapled flower around to various florists in hopes of gaining some cash money?
The rose itself didn't bother me, it was the fact that they wouldn't admit to doing it. They replaced the rose with a non-stapled one. They are really pretty and brighten up our dining room!

Brett gave me a great birthday. He took the day off and took care of the kids. I got to exercise and shower with no one bugging me about watching Dora! He gave me a book, an iPod, and Gilmore Girls for my birthday. In the afternoon when he dropped Jason off at school, I sat at home and watched Gilmore Girls! It was great! He also set up a mani/pedi for me and a friend so I could have some girl time. It was really fun! I don't do girly things like that very often, and it was a fun change of pace!
 We had mud pie (ice cream, oreos, fudge, amazing-ness)  for my cake with the boys. We got them some dinner and then had a babysitter come over while we went out on a date. I love not cooking. Most everything tastes better when it's made by someone else.
It was a really great birthday! My husband is an amazing fella. :)
Sidenote: Those are my friend's daughters, they joined us for mud pie as well. They're adorable and my boys love them, as do I. :)

We are looking forward to Christmas, and hope that everyone has a great time with loved ones this Christmas season. Thank you for being in our lives!

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  1. Sometimes I feel like I should know these stories and I'm surprised to read them on your blog. i.e. the stapled rose :) They are such great stories and I think you're so hilarious. So I'm glad I get to read some surprise stories that I haven't heard yet :) You're the greatest.