Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Hiatus from Blogging

I've been taking quite the break from our little blog here. Not really because I wanted to, but because there was a long period of time recently where, if the activity didn't involve the immediate caring for my children or laying face down on the couch and wishing I were dead, it wasn't going to get done. At least, not by me. Brett has shouldered more than his fair share of dishes and laundry the last few months. As in, he did pretty much all of it. He's pretty awesome like that.
The reason for this little hiatus? Two pink lines on a pregnancy test and the ensuing exhaustion, nausea and weird "everything smells 50 times stronger and more disgusting than normal" phase, and now that that part has past, I just have been lazy.
But no more! I'm going to try and give this little blog a little more attention! OR I may take a nap, depends on which mood strikes first! :)

Well, onto the family updates!

Halloween was fun, both boys wanted to be fireman. Easy enough! I was worried we would run out of candy, instead we had maybe 15 kids show up, so we had a BUNCH of candy leftover! And both the boys filled their little pumpkin buckets in about an hour, so we had that much more candy in the house.

We also made some jack o lantern pizzas, which Jason was happy to eat, even though he hates pepperoni. There's something magical about food that's shaped like other things that get my kids to try things they normally won't.

In November we celebrated Brett's birthday!
I wanted to take him to a Buffalo Wild Wings and have a real date night, and then Brandon got sick, not just usual cold/runny nose either, high fever, blisters all over his mouth and lips and the consequent lack of eating. It was a rough several days. I didn't think I'd ever have to force feed a child milkshakes, but that was what happened. Unfortunately, it happened over Brett's birthday, so I couldn't very well leave baby with a babysitter and have our planned date night, so we had dinner here and then went on a make-up date when little man was feeling better.

Isn't he handsome? :) 

For Thanksgiving this year we went to a friend's house with a few families from our ward that were also staying here. There were lots of children, LOTS, so they were very kind, and very BRAVE to open up their home to all of us. I made a ton of rolls to bring and I thought they were really good. We also make a turkey, but the turkey our friends made was better- very moist.

And now the Christmas season is upon us! Sunday we made some sugar cookies and let the boys decorate them. The more I make sugar cookies the more I marvel at how many of these stinking things my mom made every Christmas season! It seemed like there was a never-ending supply of sugar cookies decorated and ready to go, along with chocolate chip cookies, divinity, fudge, and on the savory side, cheese log and ham roll ups (ew, still ew). Seriously,  my mom was, and still is, amazing! 
One batch of these cookies and I was glad I wouldn't have to make them again for awhile!

We didn't let Brandon frost very many because, well, licking happens...

 Last night we went and got a tree. It wasn't the best night to go tree getting, it was FREEZING and really windy, but we had told Jason that's when we would go, and both boys were really looking forward to it. About 2 minutes of being in the windy cold looking at trees had Jason begging, "Can we please get a tree and get out of here?!?" It was a hastily picked out tree, but so far it looks pretty good and smells amazing!

Ignore the dirty kitchen, focus on the cute children!

This is how we bundle them up when we want to laugh at with them. Jason especially loves these hats!

I hope everyone is taking the time to enjoy the holiday season!

Hopefully you'll hear from us again soon, if not, assume that I am napping. :)

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  1. Hurray!! OH how I've missed your writing. I've had to supplement my blog reading with stupid Mortal Instruments reading...which isn't all that stupid, just when you watch the movie...but I digress. I REALLY think you're great and your children adorable. It's been much too long! When can I see you again!!?? :)