Friday, February 14, 2014

A Puppy Party

I don't feel like I am a very fun or festive person. I don't really like decorating for holidays because I know I'm going to have to take in down again in a few weeks, and it doesn't seem like a constructive use of my time. Frankly, many things I do aren't a constructive use of my time, but I actually enjoy those other things, so they get priority, you see?
Jason did not get this trait from me. The other day he said our house was boring and he was going to decorate it to "make it look much more better." So he hung up some of the things he's made at school on the walls. I love this kid. :)

He also hung up that turkey, and then made an exciting race track for the cars. 

At any rate, the other day first thing in the morning Jason announced that he was super excited because it was his puppy's birthday. This was the first I'd heard of it and I bought them, you'd think I'd remember such an important event!  :) He decided it was going to be a combined birthday for all his favorite stuffed animals, and spent the morning going around the house and putting cars, crayons, and other toys in bags for their presents. Later on, while I was at the grocery store, I saw some tiny cupcakes and thought to myself, "What the heck? Why not be fun and throw the puppy a birthday party when Jason gets home from school?" So that's just what we did!

Here are the presents all gathered up right where I can step on them. 

We decided they were turning 2.

Jason with the birthday animals. He thought it was terribly funny that he put the dog in the high chair. 

We sang to them...Jason blew out the candles.

Both the boys loved the eating of the cupcakes part and did pretty well at not getting the sprinkles everywhere. 

Because today is Valentine's Day, it should be shown that we do give our kids Valentines, even though the most decorating we've done is to put a bouquet of hearts on sticks in a vase and stick it on top of the cabinets. 

I often like to dress them alike. I don't know why...
They loved their little candies for breakfast. For some reason they didn't seem interested in their yogurt or cereal this morning! WEIRD. :)

See those little blankets stacked on the desk behind the boys? Quite girly, no? That might be because we found out this little baby will be of the female variety! It just occurred to me I haven't blogged since we found that out. We are excited, the boys have been saying all along that they want a sister, so I guess they knew something I didn't. I switch back and forth between excited and really, really anxious. I have never had a girl. I am not a very girly girl. I don't really like pink. I'm hoping I'll pick it up as we go along! Jason has some great names picked out, like Alayssis. (Sounds like "molasses" but with an A) I seriously don't know where he came up with that one, but I'd be willing to bet there's someone in Utah that would actually name their child that.  :)

When we went for the ultrasound, Brett took a poll from his co-workers and thought it'd be fun to bring back a pink or blue treat. I went to the store with him and thought I'd bring back something for the boys as well. The only time I'm actually looking for pink treats, they were nowhere to be found! They had tons of blue and yellow cupcakes, cookies, doughnuts, you name it, they had it in blue. There was ONE little cupcake cake that was pink and shaped like a flower, so I was going to get that for the boys, and when Brett went to put it in the cart it slipped and fell upside down. It was pretty bad. Soo...we didn't get that one. Brett got some normal white cupcakes and put pink Hershey kisses on them and I got the boys some pink ice cream instead. They were pretty excited. It may have been excitement over the ice cream, but that's ok too.

We got a pretty sweet delivery this Valentine's Day...

We get some awesome perks working for a major appliance company! What's that package on the bottom? So glad you asked!

That would be an amazing, high-quality, stainless steel set of pots and pans that should last us for more than a few years, which is how long all our other sets of pots and pans have lasted us, which is why we have a crazy hodge podge collection of pots and pans that don't really go together. 

It's funny the things that are exciting as an adult. Pots and pans, wahoo!!! I'm really that excited! 

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

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  1. Why can't I write funny like you? Sigh. I love the blog update once again. I'm also excited for a new little niece. AND I wished I got new pots and pans. That is exciting indeed!