Sunday, March 16, 2014


There's a church quote that I can't remember by someone I can't remember (That's a great way to start a post. I should do that more often.) that essentially says that if you're doing the right things, the less important things will fall out of importance in your life. I think of it as a good, better, best analogy. Blogging is one of those things that has had to fall out of importance lately, even though I enjoy it and it helps me remember things so I count it as journal writing. Anyway, the point it, we've been busy, what with doctor appointments for me and shuffling the boys back and forth to places, looking for a new place to live, finding a new place to live, and now packing for the new place. It's been a lot to handle.

Last weekend I had the great experience of taking a break from running around like a crazy person so I could run around like a teenager with my very dear friend Stephanie. She flew into Chicago and we stayed the night there and walked around the city during the day. I showed her all the places I knew of, and got her lost several times. (My sense of direction is iffy at best, and I thought the GPS on my phone would be helpful, but no, no it wasn't. It'd usually tell us we were going the wrong direction after a few minutes of walking in the wrong direction.) We had some amazing Chicago-style pizza and then walked around some more to try and walk off the pizza :) Then I couldn't waddle anymore and we came back to Michigan a little earlier than planned. She was great to put up with my pregnancy speed, which is not fast, I have to admit. :)

The view from our hotel room.
While we were walking around some homeless guy yelled, "Congratulations! You must be so excited to be a vessel for new life!" and the weird part for me was that I was a little surprised he knew I was pregnant. My coat has always been really puffy in the front so I thought it wasn't obvious. And then I saw this picture. Yeah, I look very pregnant.

I normally don't take pictures of my lunch, but this is an exception because...well...LOOK at it. I wish computers came with taste technology or something. So yummy! We met another one of my Utah friends, Maren, for lunch to eat this delicious pizza. It's so fun when people come visit! She was there visiting the same weekend and had lived in Chicago, so she was kind enough to point us in the right direction back to our car. 

I love showing people the bean. 

Sidenote: These are the clothes that were in my H&M bag. I bought the little red dress and sweater, and Maren brought the adorable little onesies. I sent Brett this picture and he said they were very cute and girly. Then when I got home and showed them to him he was surprised to learn they were for the baby! I guess he thought that they were my size and I bought them for me? I laughed for awhile at that. I haven't been size 3-6 months for awhile. :)

Once we got back to good ol' Michigan it was pretty cold, at least compared to the jacket weather that Utah has been enjoying! We took Steph down to lake on part of our tour of where we live. 

Here we are standing on what is usually water, currently an iceberg made of sand & ice.

This was our hike down to the lighthouse. It was a very slippery hike!

Where the people are standing is usually where the dock ends. The surrounding ice is usually all lake water. 

It was really nice to have visitors and grown-up conversation. Although I like living here (well, mostly I do, with the never-ending winter I'm starting to get a little bitter towards the state of Michigan) something I really miss is friends and family from home. I'm so so glad that she took time out of her life to come and visit me!

As far as the rest of our time, it's mostly been spent doing mundane things like grocery shopping and laundry, good grief, I get so sick of doing laundry! Also, moving is a terribly time-consuming and annoying process. There's nothing like going through all of your stuff several times to make you wish you lived like a monk with no stuff at all! Our new place will have three bedrooms, which I think will be good for when new baby comes. It also has a fenced yard, which will be nice for the boys go outside and play. Overall, I'm excited, but I've really loved this house and am sad to leave it. 

On that lovely, somber note, I'm going to get back to packing. If I don't post again for awhile, assume that I've been buried under a stack of boxes. Or that I'm hiding in one so I don't have to face the insurmountable task of unpacking. It'll probably be the latter option. :)

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  1. Oh my I can not believe these pictures. I think we must live on opposite ends of the earth lol! You guys might need to come defrost in Yuma:) And seriously I want to come visit you all so much!