Wednesday, April 16, 2014


We recently moved across town to a different house. It's not really bigger, but it does have three bedrooms, so baby girl will have a place to sleep besides in the living room, which is where I was planning on putting her. Anyway, packing up all our stuff to haul it across town just to unpack it again was such a pain that I think we will just live here forever! :) What an exhausting process!
I clicked on my blog here by accident the other day and noticed it had been a month since I updated anything. A month! How did that happen? I thought it had been a couple weeks, tops. Well, here's some of our happenings around here that have occurred in the last month.

Here we have a nice empty room that will be the baby's room. It's currently occupied by our queen guest bed because the mattress and box spring wouldn't fit down the narrow stairs to our basement where I was planning on putting now it's in there. We will figure out somewhere to put it eventually, but until then, what kind of girly bedding goes with gray walls? I want to decorate her room, but I hesitate. I don't like decorating. It's more of an anxiety-producing activity than a fun one, so I could probably use some help. I'm thinking a pale pastel yellow, maybe pink? And some navy? Possibly polka dots? I don't know, help me out here people.

We went to a kid's museum and the boys decided to paint their faces. They've never, ever wanted to do that before, so I was a little surprised. Jason said he painted his face like a wizard. Brandon...just wanted to draw on his face. And the table. And everything else. 

Brett surprised me with a completely frivolous and wonderful gift. He knew I'd been pining after a little mini iPad for awhile, but would never buy it for myself. It was totally unexpected and very sweet of him to be so generous! I love my mini. It's adorable and a great size. 

Check out our new washer and dryer! Aren't they pretty? :) I love them. They're easily the nicest washer/dryer we have ever owned, also the biggest capacity. We have only every had hand-me-downs or ones we bought off craigslist. Never matching ones. Never large ones. It's funny how excited I am about machines that wash and dry clothes, but I do a lot of laundry, so I feel justified in my excitement. 
They were a pain in the butt to get in the laundry space. Our stairway is very narrow, and these machines aren't small. It took the delivery guys special moving straps and about 2 hours to shimmy them downstairs. Getting them in place and hooked up was an entirely different project. But now they're in, they work and I LOVE them. 

My Mom got us some clothes from Old Navy and had them shipped to us. The boys were excited until they figured out it was just clothes, then they were much less excited. I was still thrilled though, because Jason got some new shirts and Brandon got some jeans that don't have holes in the knees! All the boys' jeans have holes in the knees. I refuse to buy more in protest of this never ending winter. So my Mom bought some for them. :) I love these tiny onesies. They're super cute! And it makes me feel weird to be getting clothes that don't have trucks or monsters or come in one of the primary colors. Girls clothes are uncharted territory! 

I got a couple plants (I think they're pansies? Shows how much I know about plants.) from a Relief Society activity and the boys were really excited to plant them with Brett. They're excited to do anything with him because he's awesome and quite fun to be around. See?

Do I ever give them both a piggy-back ride? Well, no, partially because I'm pregnant, but also because even if I weren't, it wouldn't occur to me to give both of them a piggy-back ride! 

So that's what new with us. With the help of a very generous Elder's Quorum, we moved. We've been a few places. We set up some machines that make us feel like grown-ups. This weekend is Easter, and the boys are very excited about it.

Hopefully we will start potty training soon so we only have to buy one size of diapers in about 7 weeks. 

Have a great week, all!

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  1. Gray might be my favorite color, ever. I would never say that if you asked my favorite color, because I just don't think about it until you mention it :) And I think any of those ideas would be AWESOME. I was thinking yellow at first, but then you mentioned pink, or navy, and polka dots. Seriously, you're amazing. ALL those would be adorable! I'm jealous of your gray walls.